Show You, You Care

Women modeling ThirdLove's Artisan Lace Plunge bras and underwear in white and teal in blog post about self-care.

Our Guide to Love, Acceptance, and Self Care

Love yourself – it sounds cheesy. You see it everywhere, and Instagram has become flooded with people posting selfies to prove they are experts in self-love and acceptance. But is it as simple as booking a trip to Tulum, throwing on your denim cut-offs, and capturing a perfectly timed sunset selfie? I will never say no to sunsets in Mexico (nor should you), but no, it is not that simple.

We think it starts somewhere more intimate, creating a space around and within yourself, an oasis if you will, where you can go physically and mentally to put yourself first. But where do you start? We are a bra and underwear company, so obviously to us, it starts with that first layer of bras and underwear.

Here’s the thing, underrated and oftentimes glossed over as you’re getting dressed, bras and underwear have the ability to make you feel effortlessly comfortable and confident in both your style, and in what you want to accomplish in your day, week, and beyond.

How’s that? Because real support means less discomfort and less distraction from focusing on the moments that matter most.

Starting with your first layer, here are our go-to steps for creating your own personal oasis at home and in your heart, to put yourself first.

ThirdLove's Artisan Lace Plunge Bra in white.
Artisan Lace Plunge Bra in French Vanilla

Step 1: A Next-Level First Layer

We created our Artisan Lace Collection to inspire a true modern romance: the relationship you have with yourself. A bohemian inspired style in an allover lace design with bras in cups AA–I, including half-cups, and underwear in XS–3X, these pieces are easy ways to show yourself some love.


White spiraling stair case, sunlight, and collection of potted house plants create a serene and relaxing environment

Step 2: Your Very Own Green Space

For most people, green space is what they naturally gravitate towards for relaxation. Give yourself easy access to this by creating your own little garden at home with some well-placed house plants. Need help curating your own plant sanctuary? Try The Sill, a retailer dedicated to helping you find the perfect potted plants for your personal space.


Water pouring out of long neck faucet into white bathtub with relaxing bath products in front of a sun lit window.

Step 3: Kick-Off Self Care with Skincare

An easy way to pamper yourself with amazing results, a great skincare routine can be the perfect way to wind down. From a relaxing face mask to the satisfying feeling of washing your face after a long day, nothing beats giving your skin a natural glow. Our pick for a natural boost, True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil. Naturally scented with jasmine and rose, this daily moisturizer reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and increase hydration levels.


A candle in a gold decorative cage, on top of a mismatched stack of books with fairy lights draped over them.

Step 4: Surround Yourself with Positive Words

A reading nook stocked with written reminders to put yourself first and positive affirmations can go a long way. From fiction to non-fiction, and whether you read them once or reread them constantly, some of the books we use to keep us positively elevated are as follows:

Create your personal oasis the Artisan Lace Collection