Our Top Boob Tape Tips: How To Apply & When To Use Boob Tape

Our Top Boob Tape Tips: How To Apply & When To Use Boob Tape

If you feel tired of wearing a bra and constantly fighting off bra lines under body-hugging outfits, we get you, and we have a solution to all your bra-related troubles. Of course, there are plenty of strapless bra designs, but what if you could ditch the bra altogether? We present to you the boob tape, an adhesive bra alternative that will make you forget all about slipping straps, peek-a-boo cups, and boob spillage. We’ve created an easy-to-use guide on breast tape and how to wear it to feel extra comfy and beautiful.

What is Boob Tape?

Just as the name suggests, boob tape is a type of adhesive tape created with the sole purpose of lifting and holding your breasts in place. The idea is not new because celebs have been using tape for bust support for decades, showing off their elegant dresses that are often too sheer and thin to wear a bra. Boob tape is usually made with a hypoallergenic adhesive, providing a much softer support compared to the regular tape.


How to Choose the Right Boob Tape

At ThirdLove, we offer Nippies Breast Tape from a brand we trust and love. If you have sensitive skin, this boob tape is perfect for you as it’s made with premium nylon and medical-grade adhesive. This cleavage tape features exclusive Soft-Stretch™ technology that provides the most comfortable and worry-free wearing experience. This tape is hypoallergenic and water-resistant, so you can wear it under your favorite swimsuit without worrying about your cleavage being too much.

Preparation Before Application

Before you apply boob tape, it’s always good to do a patch test. Take a small piece of breast tape and stick it to the area with sensitive skin for a few hours (your inner arm or breast would work just fine). If there’s no rash or itchiness, then you can then wear the boob tape for as long as you need to. To apply the tape onto your skin, you need to make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly and there’s no lotion or cream that would prevent the boob tape from sticking.


Step-By-Step Application Guide

First, you need to clean the area where you want to apply boob tape - it’s best to take a shower and wash off lotion, oil, moisturizer, or any other product that might create a slippery surface. Apply the tape after your skin dries completely. You can cut the breast tape into straps to create various designs for a streamlined silhouette. Mark the outline of your ‘bra’ with a nude liner so you know where to put on the tape. Next, lift your breast and apply the first strip of boob tape starting from the bottom of the breast where your bra band usually sits. Then add as many straps as you need to create a seamless look. It’s best to use nipple covers under the tape to avoid hurting any sensitive areas of your breasts.


When to Use Boob Tape

You can use boob tape whenever you want - it will disappear under any outfit you choose. You can wear it with strapless or asymmetrical tops, tight garments, and dresses with plunging necklines. It is also perfect for garments with cutouts and backless gowns. With breast tape, you can keep the wow factor and still have your breasts lifted and supported comfortably.


Removing Boob Tape Safely

Removing breast tape might not be the most comfortable experience, but you can lessen the ouch factor by taking a hot shower or bath. Hot water will loosen the adhesive, making it easier to remove. You can also apply oil onto your skin when you start pulling off the tape, slowly working your way underneath it.


When to Use Boob Tape

In general, boob tape will last for as long as you wear it, but experts recommend wearing it for no more than 10 hours. The longer you wear breast tape, the stickier the adhesive becomes, so it’s best to remove the tape after 6 hours to avoid irritation.


Breast tape is a great bra alternative that provides all the support and lift you need without those pesky bra lines and straps that can ruin your whole look. It’s perfect for wearing with plunging necklines, open-shoulder tops, and cutout dresses, but you can pair it with casual outfits as well. It’s a comfortable way to support your breasts while creating a stunning, yet natural silhouette.