Meet TEXAID: Our Upcycling Partner

Meet TEXAID: Our Upcycling Partner

We are proud to share our partnership with TEXAID, a global leader in sustainable solutions for used textiles who is giving well-loved bras an afterlife.


Headquartered in Switzerland, TEXAID facilities span Germany, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Morocco, and the United States. Annually they collect over 90,000 tons of used clothing, recycling garments in an environmentally friendly manner – so naturally, we got friendly.


How It Works

We donate as many of our gently used bras as possible but sometimes bras are returned in a condition that can’t be re-worn. In these cases, we turn to TEXAID. They upcycle the materials in two ways:


Soft materials like foam and fabric are removed and recycled into insulation, cushion and upholstery fillers, and stuffing for punching bags.


Thermal Recovery

Hardware pieces (rings, sliders, and hook-and-eye closures) are removed and destroyed. The energy from the process is captured and re-sold to the grid for electricity.


By sorting and recycling used textiles that may have otherwise gone to a landfill, TEXAID gives old clothes, shoes, and home textiles a new lease on life.

Doing Our Part

While recycling companies like TEXAID prevent more than 3.8 billion pounds of landfill waste each year globally, we can also make an impact locally. For example, according to SMART (Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles), nearly 100% of worn or torn textiles are recyclable, yet only 15% are donated or recycled. The remaining 85% are dumped in landfills, but we can change that, together.

Here are a few ways to avoid a heap of trouble:

  • Look for clothing collection boxes in your neighborhood or check with your local thrift store. Stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePaul, and Savers recycle unsaleable textiles.
  • Check if your town or city has a textile recycling program.
  • Look up charities that offer curbside pick-up of clothing and textiles.

To learn more about TEXAID and find a facility near you, visit TEXAID online.