Introducing: The New Nakeds Collection from ThirdLove

Introducing: The New Nakeds Collection from ThirdLove

You wouldn’t settle for just one shade of foundation, so why settle for a bra in only one “nude” shade? You asked — we listened — and we are so excited to announce The New Nakeds, a range of five Naked shades in the bra styles you love most. Your bra should be unique to you, down to each and every detail. Now, you can personalize every aspect of your bra, from signature ½ cup™ sizes, to the style that’s right for your body and the shade that best compliments your skin tone.

Go behind the scenes with our Head of Design Ra’el Cohen to learn about the inspiration behind the collection and why we’re so passionate about helping you not only find your perfect fit — but your perfect shade, too.

Are you ready to #FindYourNaked?

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

To put it simply, our loyal customers were the inspiration behind our Naked Collection. Over the past few years, we’ve had many women reach out to us expressing the frustration they feel walking through department stores and only seeing one beige shade of nude. While we were focused on providing a perfect fit and offering more sizes than other bra brands, our customers challenged us to up our game and also offer more skin shades to compliment every skin tone. It’s important to us to not just provide a perfect fit, but a perfect shade for our customers, too.

From a trend perspective, we have seen nude hues slowly seep into every area of fashion, beyond just cosmetics. A few notable fashion houses have embraced this trend, from Christian Louboutin shoes to Kanye West’s Yeezy basics. We’re excited to get in on this fashion trend in the beginning, and offer these Naked shades in our most popular bra styles.

How long has ThirdLove been working on The New Nakeds?

We’ve been working on this collection for the better part of two years. Since day one, we’ve had customers reach out saying they’ve finally found a bra that fits them at ThirdLove, but they wanted it to also match their skin tone. And, because our customers are incredible, they completely understood when we responded saying we were a young brand and couldn’t do it all at once. They continued to be loyal and patient, which we can’t thank them enough for.

The reason we took two years to develop this collection is simple: we wanted to get it right.

We didn’t want to come out of the gate with nude shades that might not best compliment women’s real skin. Instead, we relied on data and focus groups to guide the shades we ultimately designed. Data drives all business decisions here at ThirdLove, and this was no exception. The information we’ve collected over the last two years helped us define these five shades that we believe our customers will love.

While there are numerous shades we can (and maybe will!) offer in the future, as a young, evolving brand, we chose to focus on these five that were most requested from our customers. What I love about the shades we landed on is how beautiful the colors are — even if it’s not your skin shade, all five of these hues are beautiful colors you’ll want in your wardrobe. (Personally, my natural skin tone is closest to Naked 2, but I wear Naked 5 as a darker basic in my wardrobe.)

How does the Naked Collection tie into ThirdLove’s company mission?

ThirdLove’s company mission from day one has been to provide a great-fitting, high-quality bra to every woman. We started by focusing on fit, and now offer 47 sizes, including ½ cups™ — so women can find their perfect fit. This collection is just one more way we can reach every woman and get her into a better-fitting bra.

Our team in San Francisco is dedicated to this mission. When I’m designing bras for upcoming collections, I focus on being as inclusive as possible. We can’t do everything at once, but for me, it’s about offering as personalized of an experience as we can. It’s not just about adding additional colors — it’s about women everywhere being able to finally find a bra that fits better in a color that she loves.

What styles are the Naked shades currently being offered in?

For right now, we are making our range of Naked shades in our most popular styles: the 24/7™ Classic T-shirt Bra, 24/7™ Perfect Coverage Bra and Classic Push-Up Bra. And, we also designed matching underwear, so you can create a set! The Naked shades are available in our Seamless Thong and Seamless Cheeky styles. As we grow as a company and receive customer requests for additional styles, we will definitely consider those down the road.

Will the Naked shades be available to Try Before You Buy?

For a limited time, yes! Our Naked shades (all five of them) will be available to Try Before You Buy in all styles (T-shirt Bra, Perfect Coverage, and Push-Up) from February 7 – February 21. This is our way of taking Try Before You Buy one step further and creating a highly personalized experience for our customers — in addition to trying on a size and style before you buy, you can now try on the shade, as well.

What’s next for ThirdLove? Other colors, product categories, etc.

Now that The New Nakeds are released, we’ll continue to vet highly requested colors, as well as additional size requests. In 2017 alone, we’ll be adding 16 sizes, making us the only bra brand to carry 63 sizes. We’ll also be adding a few new styles and product categories that our customers have asked for most, to help us achieve our goal of getting women everywhere into better-fitting bras.

You can shop The New Nakeds Collection now. And, stay tuned for more from ThirdLove — we’re so excited for you to see what the future holds!