How to Choose the Right Underwear for Your Outfit

How to Choose the Right Underwear for Your Outfit

Undie problems are no joke, so choosing the right underwear for each outfit is crucial. 

Learn which women’s underwear types go best with certain outfits and body shapes. This will give you a leg up the next time you’re putting together an outfit or shopping for underwear. 

Underwear types & styles

There are several styles of underwear on the market and each pairs best with different outfits. 



Thong underwear is both sexy and comfortable. 

It offers no back coverage, featuring a strip of fabric that rests between your cheeks, as well as minimal hip coverage.

There are two variations of the thong: the G-string and the tanga. The G-string typically has less coverage, featuring a thinner piece of fabric in the back and a thinner waistband. Tanga underwear is almost a cross between a thong and cheeky underwear, offering a bit more coverage in the front and back. Tangas are also wider at the sides, creating a flattering look.

This panty style’s minimal coverage gives it a seamless look beneath clothing. That means no visible lines, regardless of what you’re wearing. 

You can wear a thong with almost anything! That said, it’s an especially great option for when you’re wearing tight clothing, such as yoga pants.



The bikini is one of the most popular underwear styles among women, and it’s not hard to see why. 

This style features a low rise on the hip and a high cut on the legs. Plus, it offers full booty coverage! 

While versatile, bikini underwear tends to show more panty lines under tight clothing compared to thongs. It’s perfect for everyday outfits.


This style is called “cheeky” for a reason: It provides less booty coverage than the bikini style while maintaining a modest cut on the legs. Many people consider cheeky underwear to be somewhere between a boyshort and a bikini style. 

Cheeky underwear is great to wear with literally anything. 

Hipster panties are similar to cheeky panties but have a bit more leg line coverage. They also have a lower rise than other panty styles, with the band laying right on your hips. Their design makes them perfect to wear with low-rise jeans.

High brief

High briefs, also called high-waisted underwear, offer complete coverage without allowing those pesky lines to show through clothing. 

This underwear style is particularly great for having more coverage & staying comfortable. 



Mid-rise panties are somewhere between a high-brief and a hipster. 

With this style, the band rests right below your belly button. It offers more coverage than hipster panties and less than high-briefs. 

This design is perfect for a variety of outfits, & gives the best-of-both-worlds kind of coverage. 



As the name suggests, boyshorts are similar in design to men’s boxer briefs. 

This style offers complete coverage, and it’s extremely versatile. 

You can wear boyshorts by themselves or layer them beneath clothing. If you do layer, the options are endless! 

This women’s underwear style is perfect to wear under loose or flowing skirts, as it will keep you from accidentally flashing someone if the wind blows your skirt up. 

Another alternative is slip shorts, a similar underwear item perfect for wearing beneath dresses on a windy day. 

How do I choose the right underwear?

The “perfect” underwear differs from person to person. Factors such as body shape and style preferences play a huge role here. Additionally, different underwear types are better suited for different occasions or events. For example, boyshorts might be ideal for lounging around the house or exercising, while a thong is a great date night idea. 

Here are a few things we recommend looking for in your next pair(s) of underwear: 

  • Fit. This may seem obvious, but ensure you’re buying the rightsize panties. Find your size by wrapping a soft tape measure around your waist and noting the number of inches. Or, you can buy your panties based on your pant size. 
  • Fabric. There are several fabrics used in panty manufacturing. These include cotton, satin, and silk. While there’s a time and place for every type of underwear, cotton underwear tends to be the most comfortable. Plus, it’s durable and hypoallergenic! That said, lace underwear might be ideal for a special night out on the town, and silk underwear is amazing for warmer weather and for sleeping. 
  • Context. Finally, your outfit will play a huge role in which panties you need. Follow the advice in the previous section to find your perfect match. 
  • Seams. Decide whether you care about showing seams. Seamless panties tend to be more comfortable and show less through clothing. They’re also better for activities such as exercising. Panties with seams can be a good option, but ensure the seams are high-quality and not super visible underneath clothing. Quality seams can help reinforce the panties, making them more durable. 

Choose the best underwear for your body shape

Your butt shape plays a major role in which panties to opt for. Here are the most common shapes and the best panties for each.

Square (H-shaped)

Best options: Bikini, High-rise, Cheeky

Women with square-shaped butts usually have high hip bones or love handles. If you have this shape, we recommend avoiding high-waisted panties. 

Opt for bikini or high-rise panties, instead. These styles can complement your natural shape by giving the appearance of more curves (a.k.a. cheeks). 

Inverted (V-shaped)

Best options: Hipsters, Briefs, Boyshorts

If you have this shape, it means the top of your butt is fuller than the bottom, giving it a V shape. 

Consider trying hipsters, briefs, or boyshorts. These styles will help you achieve the appearance of more balanced fullness by making your curves more prominent. The leg lines of these panties are also ideal for their hip-slimming properties.


Heart (A-shaped) 

Best options: Bikini, Thong, High-cut briefs

This butt shape is common among women with pear-shaped bodies.

If you have this shape, consider opting for bikinis, thongs, or high-cut briefs. People with heart-shaped butts tend to struggle with looseness around the hips and tightness around the legs. The styles mentioned tend to be tighter around the waist without being uncomfortable, and their wider leg openings eliminate pinching and tightness.


Round (O-shaped)

Best options: Thong (especially Tanga)

Rounded butts are full all the way around, giving it an O shape. 

People with rounded butts tend to struggle with discomfort in the crotch area when wearing panties. The fullness of their behind sometimes causes tugging in the front, causing irritation. The best way to avoid this issue is to wear panties with less fabric, such as a thong. 

How to avoid panty lines

If you’re not wanting panty lines to  peek through clothing, consider these tips:

  • Opt for seamless panties. 
  • Wear the correct size. 
  • Consider wearing a thong. 
  • Pair your underwear to your outfit. 

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