How Often Should You Wash Your Silk Pajamas?

How Often Should You Wash Your Silk Pajamas?

When going to bed, the last thing you want is to feel heavy and restricted by uncomfortable nightwear. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk are the best for sleeping as they are breathable and gentle to the skin. Still, when it comes to comfort and airiness, nothing can beat silk pajamas. A pair of silk pj’s will keep you cool and fresh throughout the night, providing healthy and rejuvenating sleep (it’s also great for skin!). If you’re wondering how to look after such a luxury item, here’s a helpful guide.

Benefits of Silk Pajamas

If you’re worried about getting too hot or cold during the night, don’t be. Silk pajamas will help your body regulate its temperature thanks to the fabric’s thermoregulating qualities. When it’s hot, this breathable fabric will keep you cool, and when it’s cold, it will work as a base layer that helps retain your body’s heat. This textile feels cool and smooth to the touch, which prevents irritation and breakouts. With its hypoallergenic properties, silk is a perfect choice for women with sensitive skin. On top of that, silk doesn’t absorb moisture from your skin, keeping it hydrated, healthy, and younger-looking as a result. 

Understanding Silk Fabric

Silk is a very delicate textile that requires proper care. You need to learn how to wash silk pajamas so they can look great for years to come. If you store them properly and treat them with the delicacy they require, you’ll be surprised at how long a pair of silk pj’s can last. Handwash is preferable, but a lot of modern silk pajamas are machine-washable, so it’s even easier to take care of them. Our Washable Tank Silk Set is designed with 100% washable mulberry silk which makes it extra soft and more durable compared to other silk fabrics.

Factors that Influence Washing Frequency

You need to think about silk pajama care as soon as you start wearing these delicate pj’s. If you wear them every day, and the climate is pretty hot, with you sweating more often, it’ll be a good idea to wash your silk pajamas regularly. If the weather is cool and you tend to take a shower before putting on your silk pj’s, you might need to wash them only once in two-three days. Silk pajamas don’t absorb oils or moisture as much as other fabrics, but they can get soiled with lotions or creams you put on your skin, so you may need to wash them more often. 

How to Wash Silk PJs

To avoid shrinking and fabric damage, it’s better to wash silk in cool water using mild detergent. If you’re using a washing machine, wash your silk pajamas with other delicates, preferably in a mesh bag that will protect them from any damage. Avoid tumble drying and mixing with other heavier fabrics. Lay your silks flat to dry and avoid direct sunlight to keep the color from fading.

Frequency Recommendations:

Your silk pj maintenance depends on how often you wear the pajamas. If you wear them only to bed, putting them on after a shower, then you probably don’t need to wash them too often. If you wear them at home throughout the whole day, you might want to wash them daily using a mild soap. 

Maintenance Tips for Silk Pajamas

Always wash your silk pajamas on a delicate cycle without tumble drying. After washing, absorb excess water with a towel and lay flat to dry. If you need to iron your silks, turn the pj’s inside out and use a thin cloth between the garment and the iron. When storing your silk pajamas, use a breathable cotton bag as well as a moth-repellent to keep the fabric safe.

Silk Pajama FAQs:

Here are the most frequently asked questions about silk pajama care and the maintenance they require.

Can you put silk pajamas in the washing machine?

Yes, if the label on the garment says so. Our women’s silk pajamas are made with washable mulberry silk that allows machine washing on a delicate cycle with mild soap. Avoid using bleach and mixing with heavy pieces of clothing. It’s also a good idea to use a wash bag for delicates. 

How long do silk pajamas last?

When taken care of properly, silk pajamas can last for many years. Silk can shrink and get damaged in excessive heat or cold, so gently washing it and drying it in the shade will ensure the pj’s last longer, looking as good as the day you bought them.

How many times can you wear silk before washing?

In general, silk pajamas require washing once in two-three days. If the weather is hot and you sweat a lot, you might need to wash them every day. During colder months, you can wash your silk garment less often. Of course, you should always examine your pj’s - if there are stains, it’s time to give your sleepwear a good wash.

Can you put silk pajamas in the dryer?

Avoid tumble drying your silk pajamas as it can damage the fabric. It’s best to air dry your silk pj’s on a towel or a cloth. Leaving the silks to dry in direct sunlight can also ruin the fabric and result in loss of color and brightness. 

Investing in a pair of silk pajamas is well worth it. This material is perfect for people with sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic properties. On top of that, silk just feels too good on your skin! It’s lightweight, breathable, and smooth, making it a perfect choice for hot summer days or whenever you want to add some oomph to your lounge look. You will feel like a queen going to bed in luxurious silk pajamas - a good night’s sleep is guaranteed! Our silky sleepwear is deliciously drapey, comfortable, and stylish, so you can feel and look your best even during nighttime. Made with 100% washable silk, ThirdLove’s silk pajamas bring this garment to a whole new level of comfort!