How Justina Blakeney Created Her Own Personal Oasis

Justina Bdlakeney happily strumming her guitar on a red-orange couch while wearing ThirdLove's Artisan Lace Balconette Bra in Fern.

Whether it’s a cozy corner of our home, the park up the street, or our local coffee shop, we all have that place we go to for a moment of relaxation. ThirdLove reached out to some of our favorite women to learn how they create a sanctuary and personal oasis in their own homes.

Designer, artist, and all-around creative force, Justina Blakeney has made a name for herself as the queen of vibrant, global style. Since 2009, Justina has been bringing bohemian design inspiration to the people with her popular blog-turned-online shop, Jungalow.

We caught up with Justina to learn more about how she created her own at-home oasis, where she goes to recharge, and how undergarments play an important part in her self-care routine.

What does a “Personal Oasis” mean to you? What’s the vibe?

To me, a personal oasis means anywhere that I can go to be totally myself. It means I can practice creativity and see and hear myself. It means I can be quiet or be loud. It means I can feel inspired and connect to nature.

Is there somewhere you go in your home, in your neighborhood, or anywhere, to practice self-care?

My Casita (which we converted from our garage last year) is where I go these days to practice self-care.

If you could create your own personal oasis in your home, what would it be? What would it consist of? Walk us through it.

I pretty much did! Our Casita, complete with an outdoor shower and jacuzzi, music room and wet bar, and a book and board game library, is the place I go to stretch, put on face masks, practice guitar, have jam sessions with friends and family, read, or have a glass of wine and unwind.

Do you think bras and underwear can play a part in self-care? How so?

I think anything that makes you feel more comfortable and more confident has a part in self-care. And I just like hanging out in my skivvies, especially in the warm summer months.

When you’re getting dressed, are there any items you choose that make you feel next-level zen? Is it ever your bra or underwear?

I think about undergarments very strategically. If I want to feel sexy, I make sure to wear sexy undergarments, same with feeling sporty, or powerful or strong. It’s a little thing that can put a bounce in my step, or make me feel more supported and even buoyant! Ha! As for feeling next-level zen? I think I feel the most zen when I’m completely naked!

If you could pick the perfect set of ThirdLove bra and underwear that would give you that I-feel-better-than-ever vibe, what would they be? Can you explain why?

The 24/7™ Pima Cotton T-Shirt Bra is the perfect balance of cozy and sexy. I love the little peek-a-boo moment and how it gently hugs my “girls.” I feel supported but simultaneously, I forget I have it on at all! Just waiting for you all to come out with this as a bikini ‘cuz I’d be in it all summer long! Oh! And I pair it with the Modern Mesh High Brief! It’s the perfect height, and the mesh makes it just sexy enough!