How a Supportive Sports Bra Should Fit & Feel

How a Supportive Sports Bra Should Fit & Feel

A new study published in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living found that a supportive sports bra can increase your performance in running and other high-intensity workouts by 7%.

You may have experienced firsthand the discomfort caused by an ill-fitting bra during your workouts, so you know how important a supportive sports bra is. In this article, we’ll further explore the benefits of sports bras and how to choose the right sports bra by discovering which type of supportive sports bras work best for different activities based on impact level.


Why Is It Important To Have a Well-Fitted Sports Bra?

We're all familiar with the growing trend of activewear and cute sports bras for women. We see influencers and athletes endorsing them daily on social media, but did you know how essential it is to have a well-fitted sports bra?

Interestingly, the fit and feel of your activewear can motivate you to work out. According to studies, the fit and appearance of your gym outfit impact your mood and performance during workouts.

A quality sports bra can reduce stress, provide comfort, and minimize bounce! This type of bra supports your delicate breast ligaments and prevents soft tissue damage, chafing, and rubbing. The best sports bras also reduce your risk of shoulder and back pain during high-impact workouts. 


Sports Bra Levels Of Support 

Wearing the right sports bra can help enhance your workouts, but finding a sports bra that can accommodate your workout intensity levels can be challenging. For example, highly supportive sports bras for running may work well for high-intensity workouts but may not be ideal for your yoga or pilates session as they may be overly compressive.

Similarly, a low-impact sports bra may not be ideal for intense activities like HIIT or CrossFit. Let’s learn about the different levels of impact and the sports bras that work well for them.


Low-Medium Impact Sports Bras

If you're a fan of yoga, pilates, strength training, or cycling, low-impact sports bras are your wardrobe essentials! This bra also works well for hiking, walking, cycling, and more.

These low to medium-impact exercises cause minimal breast movement, so you should look for sports bras designed to provide flexibility and support. Low-medium impact sports bras will feature soft fabrics with less compression, allowing you to move freely and comfortably. Our Flex Seamless Racerback Sports Bra is a perfect example of a medium-impact sports bra that helps to minimize movement while staying ultra flexible and comfortable. It’s perfect for your morning walks and light training sessions.


High Impact Sports Bras

Are you a cardio enthusiast? High-intensity activities such as cardio workouts, jumping, running, or playing sports require wearing a well-fitting high-impact sports bra.

High-impact sports bras, such as our Kinetic Impact Sports Bra, feature adjustable straps, hook and eye closures, and contoured cups to minimize breast movement and provide the highest level of support. Our Kinetic Impact Sports Bra also comes in cup-band sizing so you don’t need to compromise on fit for the maximum comfort and support.

These bras feature firmer fabric, more compression, and grip, making them an ideal supportive sports bra for large breasts. High-impact sports bras such as ours will also often feature racerback designs for stability as well so you can customize your support and look.


Sports Bra Fitting Guide

Sports bras have different sizing than regular bras and usually come in alpha sizing from XS-3X. However, some adjustable sports bras for women are sized the same as regular bras. 

Here are some tips and tricks to find your accurate sports bra size. 

  • Test for fitting by pulling the straps up to your earlobes. If you can pull the straps up to your earlobe, get a smaller size
  • Ensure that straps stay in place during movement. Check for stability by jumping on the spot. 
  • Pull your arms over your head to check for flexibility when wearing an adjustable sports bra.

You have the right bra size if you can fit your fingers under your bra band. Remember, it’s normal for your sports bra to feel a bit tighter than your regular bra. This snug feeling will help with the additional support required for your workout.


How Do You Know If A Sports Bra Is Supportive Enough?

It can be a challenge to determine if your sports bra provides adequate flexibility and support. Your sports bra is meant to reduce bounce but shouldn't be so tight that it restricts movement. A well-fitted sports bra should be snug, but in no way does it mean it should be restrictive.

You should also ensure the bra's fabric hugs your skin properly. There shouldn't be a gap between the material and skin, particularly around the underarms.

You can also jump in place to assess breast movement. During such movements, your straps should always stay in place, allowing you a range of motions without needing to adjust your bra constantly! 


Feel The Impact With ThirdLove

If you’re new to the gym, you may be tempted to exercise in your everyday bra, but its straps and band are not made to withstand the impact of exercise.

You must invest in supportive sports bras to make the most out of your active lifestyle. A supportive sports bra should be incredibly comfortable, enhance flexibility, and make it easier to do your physical activities. Prioritize finding the perfect sports bra today and feel the impact!