Giving Back in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

ThirdLove employees donate to victims of Hurricane Harvey

Since the day I founded ThirdLove four years ago, it has been extremely important to me (and the rest of my team) to design bras not just for the women who can afford to buy them, but for all women, everywhere. In order to do that, I knew we had to put together a large-scale donation program, where we could donate our bras to women in need.

Here’s how it works: bras that are tried on through our Try Before Buying Program are hardly worn, and returned to us with tags still in tact. These bras are then sorted, boxed up, and ready to donate. As a result, we’ve donated over $2.5 million worth of bras to various charities around the country since 2013.

ThirdLove employees donate to victims of Hurricane Harvey

Why Houston

While most of our donations find a home in California and other states on the West Coast, my team and I watched the devastation as Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas and other parts of the South.

We knew we had to do something to help all of these women who lost everything—including the bra and underwear set they used to reach for every morning. I can’t imagine not having essentials in my life, and we believe these women shouldn’t have to go without them, either.

I’m proud to say that ThirdLove donates bras and underwear to women in need everywhere, but particularly those in Houston, Texas who were personally affected by Hurricane Harvey. In the past few weeks, we have donated over $175,000 worth of bras and underwear to charities in the Houston area, including United Way of Houston, an organization committed to improving lives and building community.

ThirdLove employees donate to victims of Hurricane Harvey

In the weeks to come, we’ll be on the hunt for charities in Florida and the surrounding areas who were hit hard by Hurricane Irma, so that we can support women in those communities, too. Do you have any suggestions of worthy organizations you’d like to see us donate to? Tweet at us!