Brands We Love: LOLA

LOLA Organic Feminine Care Tampons

Five years ago, Heidi Zak was forced to make a decision: wear an ill-fitting bra to a holiday party or go to the mall at the eleventh hour to find one that worked. Instead, she chose to create a third option. And in 2013, ThirdLove was born as a better and more convenient alternative for all women. Founded on the same idea of creating a lifelong brand for women, by women, LOLA respectively understands the unique needs of each woman’s body.

LOLA is committed to creating transparent and trustworthy products and content for every reproductive milestone and seeks to destigmatize conversations surrounding experiences, including menstruation. Founded by two women, Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman, who realized that feminine care brands weren’t required to disclose what was in their products, LOLA developed tampons, pads, and liners made with 100 percent cotton, so that women know exactly what they’re putting inside their bodies.

The brand recently expanded their product offerings to also include sexual health products, holistic alternatives to combat PMS symptoms, and “milestone kits” that provide educational content and products.

On top of offering a natural alternative, the brand also changed the game by delivering customizable assortments straight to your door. Simply choose which period products you want and how frequently you want them shipped, or opt to purchase sexual wellness products a la carte instead.

Convenient and made for every body, both LOLA and ThirdLove are dedicated to giving women real options. This month, we’re excited to team up with LOLA for a special holiday giveaway: simply follow ThirdLove and LOLA on Instagram, like our post, and tag a friend to win a $100 ThirdLove gift card and a six-month subscription of LOLA period products!