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Our bras just fit—so you can get back to running the world.

Why We Started ThirdLove®

Hours before a holiday party and without a bra that fit, ThirdLove® co-founder Heidi Zak had a choice: she could cram herself into a dressing room in search of a new bra, or wear an old, ill-fitting one and be uncomfortable all night. Not willing to choose between bad and worse, she decided to create a third option: Build a better bra.

That was 2013. Four years, 59 sizes, and 15 styles later, we’ve developed a collection of bras that look as incredible as they feel. Since our bras come to you, you can skip the dressing room hassle. We’re so passionate about the quality of our bras that we offer the option to try one—free—before buying. Because isn’t it time your bra fit you, not the other way around?

The ThirdLove® Difference

A new idea takes shape

Sure, you need the right bra size. But when it comes to a perfect fit, shape matters, too. Our innovative Breast Shape Dictionary enables you to identify your shape and find styles that fit your body impeccably.

Breast shapes

Half sizes: Wholly perfect

50% of women fall in between standard cup sizes, so we invented half-cup sizing. Now you’ll never have to settle for a bra that only half fits.

Real women, realistic measurements

Rather than rely on standard industry size templates, we design and fit our bras using real women’s measurements. It’s more effort, but our passion for perfect fit means we won’t settle for anything less—so you won’t have to, either.

Real women's measurements'

Ready for a bra that fits?

Our Fit Finder® will recommend your perfect size and style.

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Anatomy of a Perfect Fit

We’re passionate about perfect fit so we invest in every detail of our bras. Here are just a few of the reasons why our bras are obsessively comfortable.

Strap feature
Our accordion strap—made of a rayon, nylon, and spandex blend—gives you extra support without cutting into your shoulder.
Cup feature
We’ve developed a proprietary blend of lightweight memory foam to give the bra the feeling of a second skin.
Underwire feature
Flat tubing sewn into the bra’s frame costs twice as much, but it keeps the bra’s underwire from ever poking out and scraping your skin.
Label feature
Farewell, itchy tags. We print all information—size, style, and brand—on the padded clasp.
Hook feature
Instead of a thin layer of felt, our hook and eye is made with ultra-comfortable microfiber and lined with foam.

Feel the ThirdLove® difference.

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Tired of compromising our comfort, we here at ThirdLove® set out to create a better bra. Armed with research and a lot of opinions, we scrapped the standard bra cup size molds—literally broke them!—and developed our own half-cup sizes based on real women’s measurements.

They gave us a choice between A or B. We chose C½.

We design our bras to fit perfectly because we believe that when a woman is comfortable and confident, she can go further. Push for more. Achieve greatness.

#breakthemold is the heart of the ThirdLove® philosophy: it’s about carving one’s own path; saying no to ill-fitting expectations; and embracing the beautiful details that make each woman unique. It’s also about supporting one another, which is why we’ve donated over $1 million worth of bras to women in need across the country since we began ThirdLove® in 2013.

Join us on our mission to empower women to #breakthemold.

Naked Collection

Designed by women, for women

Heidi Zak, Co-Founder/Co-CEO

Heidi Zak

In 2013, frustrated by the bra shopping experience and fueled by her passion for retail, Heidi left Google to start ThirdLove®. She knew there was opportunity to build a better bra, one that could fit perfectly and didn’t require cramming into a dressing room. Today, she’s still intimately involved in the creation of each new bra, always driven by the passion for perfect fit. She also started ThirdLove's bra donation program to fulfill her personal mission of giving back to women in need.

Ra’el Cohen, Head of Design

Ra’el Cohen
Head of Design

Ra’el began her love affair with lingerie design 15 years ago. While she mastered the art of fit, designing for several companies, she knew typical bra sizes didn’t offer a solution for all women. After teaming up with Heidi, she began to develop a new sizing concept based on breast shapes, common fit issues, and measurement data, creating what we think are the best-fitting bras out there.

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