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'You feel confident when you are secure and I feel secure in ThirdLove,' she said. 'I love that they have nude for every skin color, not just beige. And they are functional and affordable, but I don’t feel like I’m losing the feeling of being beautiful when I wear them.'
The New York Times
When ThirdLove launched half sizes, the first lingerie company to do so, Zak herself discovered that a half-size bra fit her better than the one she’d worn for years. Rather than rely on premade molds from so-called fit models, Zak and Spector decided to make their own molds based on the data.
The memory-foam cups are silky soft, and the detailing is subtle and sophisticated. Think understated geometric charms, not glittery tassels. I’d like to take this moment to apologize to all my coworkers who have seen me staring down my shirt at my boobs all week.
CNN Underscored
By shopping ThirdLove's various bra styles, women everywhere can find an option that feels as good as it looks — which as it turns out, is no small feat for almost 80% of women.
It’s the year 2018 and I believe women deserve to be treated and marketed to in a more authentic, realistic way.
CNN Business
'The average bra brand has about 30 to 35 sizes, so we're offering double the amount,' says Zak. 'It's really this idea of being an inclusive brand with sizes to fit many women across all kinds of shapes and sizes.'
ThirdLove remains committed to its mission of offering an unmatched array of sizes, and to create perfect, comfortable, and stylish bras for every woman in the world.
'ThirdLove’s ethos is to have a bra for every woman, to help every woman feel confident every day of her life. This is just the beginning; we’ll be launching more sizes and styles in the future.”
Fox Business
Revolutionzing Retail
Brit + Co
A former Google and Aéropostale executive, Heidi Zak took her tech and retail skills and built her bra and underwear brand with women’s needs first.
'This new funding round allows us to continue delivering on ThirdLove’s mission to create a bra for everybody,' said cofounder and co-CEO Heidi Zak in a statement. 'We are more dedicated than ever to giving all women the level of choice they deserve.'
Business Insider
Zak continued: 'This new funding round allows us to continue delivering on ThirdLove's mission to create a bra for everybody. We are more dedicated than ever to giving all women the level of choice they deserve.'
'In today's lingerie industry, too many brands continue to fit on one size and one model, attempting to scale up or down to create new sizes without extensive fit testing and treating inclusivity like a privilege rather than a right,' the brand explained. 'As a brand that designs each of its bra sizes with the individual needs and bodies of...
As part of CNBC's Upstart 100, ThirdLove Co-CEO Heidi Zak discusses the bra company's direct-to-consumer model and how it's already profitable.
Memory foam - I think this is a big part of the magic — settling into a material like memory foam ensures not only support, breathability, and comfort, but it’s so comfortable that the bra itself goes unnoticed, and the cups really form to your own shape.
The fit was perfect and it gave me nice support. I normally don't like wearing bras with any kind of underwire or padding, but I would absolutely wear this under a t-shirt in the future. It didn't dig into my shoulders or leave me feeling suffocated — it just felt like I had extra support, which was nice.
Business Insider
Their slogan is "the best bra is one you never think about," and we all came to unanimously agree with that statement and their execution of it. I think this is potentially the only time in my life that I can say I forgot I was wearing one, but I did with ThirdLove's 24/7 Classic T-Shirt bra.
Five-year-old direct-to-consumer company ThirdLove is increasing its size options in an effort to capture a larger part of the market and proclaim itself as the most inclusive bra brand in the industry.
'We just think that women should expect more from brands that they support,' [Ra'el Cohen] explains. 'We really hope that efforts like this are a call to women to support brands that project a realistic point of view for women. We believe as a company that women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages are beautiful.'
Good Morning America
Users take a “Fit Finder” quiz that asks questions like what bra do you currently wear, in what size, how do you describe the shape of your breasts, are they symmetrical, even “what clasp do you prefer your bra hooked on: loosest, medium or tightest? With this info, they recommend a size. Using their fit finder I ordered an everyday...
Refinery 29
For its latest move, ThirdLove is now making its bras available to more women than ever before. As of today, the company will carry even more new sizes, bringing its offerings up to 78 sizes total. In a stat the brand shared with Fashionista, the new range of sizes 'covers approximately 87 percent of women.'
ThirdLove, with its half-cup sizes, its quiz to determine what bra works best, and its convenient direct-to-consumer format, has been a viral success, yielding annualized revenue growth that has exceeded 450% for the past two years.
CNN Style
Independent labels, like US startup ThirdLove, have filled a gap in the market by serving women who struggle to find bras in the right size.
Fast Company
ThirdLove is known for its “Fit Finder” questionnaire on the website, which gathers information from women about what they are looking for in a bra. It helps the customer find the best bra for them from ThirdLove’s selection, but more importantly, it helps the company build a repository of data that will help it figure out what products to make...
Inc. Magazine
Marshal Cohen of consumer-analysis firm NPD says ThirdLove's insight—pioneering cup half-sizes—revelatory. 'You wouldn't want to buy a shoe that didn't have half-sizes. Why would you want to buy a bra without them?' says Cohen.
Today Show
'Most women are wearing a band that’s too large for them and are wearing their band on the tightest hook to overcompensate for the extra room,' Ra’el Cohen, head of design at ThirdLove, told TODAY Style.
Business Insider
ThirdLove's 24/7 classic T-shirt bra is so comfortable and fits so well that I've accidentally fallen asleep with it on and didn't realize it until I was getting dressed the next day. ThirdLove has exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds, and I want to replace all my bras with ThirdLove's selection.
Heidi Zak is the co-founder of ThirdLove, an innovative bra and underwear brand that was the first to offer half-cup sizing and allows women to measure themselves at home.
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