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Marshal Cohen of consumer-analysis firm NPD says ThirdLove's insight—pioneering cup half-sizes—revelatory. 'You wouldn't want to buy a shoe that didn't have half-sizes. Why would you want to buy a bra without them?' says Cohen.
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ThirdLove has gained a reputation for making some of the best-fitting bras and having one of the easiest at-home try-before-you-buy programs.
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Well, the [ThirdLove] Fit Finder Quiz does an incredible job of factoring in breast shape; height; your current favorite bra brand and size; fit issues you have with that bra; how the band, cups, and straps fit; and more (as if that weren't enough).
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A big reason they’re so comfortable is the heavenly soft material they use, but another is the revolutionary attention ThirdLove pays to fit. I don’t use the word to be hyperbolic, but few brands put in as much effort and resource power into creating the perfect fit for their customers.
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Apart from avoiding red wine and hot sauce at all costs, it takes some undergarment ingenuity to pull off a look like this. As for undies, a no-show thong is the clear winner. Thirdlove's seamless style comes in five shades of nude and costs $27 for a pack of three.
I can't scroll through Insta or listen to a podcast without seeing/hearing about this bra. And after reading the reviews (they're pretty gushing) I decided to give it a whirl (they have quite the try-before-you-buy policy). The verdict: as good as everyone says.
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In addition to practicality, the bras (also offered in a two-pack for $125) are actually pretty; a feature not to be undervalued. Since it’s easy to feel like an exhausted milk machine post-baby, ThirdLove wants to help you look and feel your best. Yes. Please.
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New moms rejoice: Thirdlove created a nursing bra that actually fits and isn’t super scratchy! The best thing about them is that they come in every single size the brand makes, including its signature half-sizes to ensure the perfect fit.
ThirdLove's nursing bra collection goes one step even further, making modern breastfeeding moms' lives a whole lot easier. First, they revolutionized the bra game for bigger-busted women, and now, they're pioneering the nursing bra world.
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ThirdLove offers the widest range of sizes on the market, including half sizes. Today, it is moving beyond just fit to color, launching five new shades. The company spent two years gathering as much data as possible about the shades women needed.
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Bras should have been the first item to go online. You don’t do it with friends, women don’t like the in-store experience, and the market is filled with old-school brands run by middle-aged men who think they’re targeting women.
ThirdLove has also challenged the traditional sizing that is a Victoria’s Secret mainstay. By aggregating tens of thousands of real women’s measurements, the company created half-cup sizes (i.e. A 1/2 , B ½, C ½), which founder Heidi Zak says has completely changed the way women buy bras.
The world is made up of a variety of skin tones—and what perfectly blends for one person probably won’t work for another. That's why ThirdLove’s "The New Nakeds" collection makes us so happy. Rather than just release a honey-like beige, the underwear brand’s nude offerings come in five different colors.
Fed up with an exhausting and inefficient process and certain that others felt the same, in 2013, Heidi Zak launched ThirdLove, a San Francisco-based lingerie company that aims to provide customers with bras that truly fit at an affordable price.
Women online seem to really appreciate everything that ThirdLove stands for — which in so many ways is, support. They sell products that offer support while simultaneously supporting women in need.
Underwear always feels like a bold and bizarre thing to gift our moms. So instead of doing the dirty work yourself, gift her this ThirdLove set that's basically a gift card and a good cause in disguise.
ThirdLove, a direct-to-consumer brand with a robust try-before-you-buy program, started offering five “naked” shades this past winter. T-shirt, full-coverage and push-up bras are available in cup sizes AA through G, including signature half-cup sizes.
Heidi Zak says she's on a mission to find the perfect bra for every woman. For the last five years, the ThirdLove co-founder and CEO has built a business dedicated to using data, technology and real women’s needs to to find the right fit—right down to the half-size.
On a mission to create bras that fit real women, ThirdLove offers a five-hue collection of nudes—so there's a shade for every skin tone—and signature 1/2 cup sizes to provide a more precise fit (which means no more cup gaps or pinching straps).
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The one thing most women overlook with maxi dressing is making sure they use the proper undergarments. The fit of the dress should still draw in the high waist and a well-fit strapless bra is what makes the difference between a poor or perfect fit.
I poked around the ThirdLove site and was astounded by the selection and stylish silhouettes. I didn't know that supportive and fashionable bra straps existed. I saw these and was immediately overwhelmed by the "Want! Need!" feeling.
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In ThirdLove’s mission to create the perfect sculpt for all women – and now that includes new mamas. With their close attention to detail and easy to use clasps, the new ThirdLove nursing bra is the perfect fit for the needs of the modern mom.
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You already knew that all boobs aren’t created equal; after all, we have different band and cup sizes! But boobs don’t just come in big or small sizes. According to lingerie company ThirdLove, women can have nine different types of boobs.
Heidi Zak, one of the founders of bra company ThirdLove, decided to completely revamp the manufacturing process and materials used in bra-making, offering beautiful and functional bras that wouldn’t poke or pinch.
ThirdLove makes bras and underwear with super soft fabrics, tagless labels, and memory foam so you might just forget you're wearing them.
Your everyday bra most likely gets worn way more than your favorite tee shirt or pair of jeans. Here are eight tips Ra’el Cohen, Head of Design at ThirdLove, has for troubleshooting the bra problems you always run into, so a bra that fits like a dream can be a reality.
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If bra shopping feels like a modern-day "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" — one cup is too big, while the other is too small — ThirdLove's signature half-cup sizes will help you find that "just right" fit.
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This bra felt like a bra. I’m supported, covered, and my twins didn’t so much resemble pointed peaks — instead, they’re closer to pillowy clouds. Added bonus: Wide straps help carry the weight.
The Zoe Report
Confidence starts by feeling good on the inside, and for me that involves undergarments that are not only ultra-feminine but also comfortable. This balconette bra is miraculous—it manages to make my top half look decent in front of a mirror and also adjusts to the perfect fit, making for tug-free wear all day long.
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Intimates line ThirdLove is going one step further with it's New Nakeds range of bras and underwear. Not only does the brand's range of nude bras come in five distinct shades, but they also come in a surprisingly vast range of sizes (from AA to G, including half sizes).
ThirdLove announced a new collection dubbed The New Naked: three versions of its hallmark 24/7 bra as well as underwear in five shades meant to match different skin tones. Its inclusive sizing range (with bands from sizes 30 to 40, and cups from A to F) translates to these newcomers on its roster.
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ThirdLove's Fit Finder makes use of knowledge of industry sizing guides to tailor recommendations for their customers. That means that if you’re one size at Victoria’s Secret and another at Aerie, ThirdLove can figure out what your “true” size is.
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ThirdLove's Fit Finder 2.0 combines machine learning capabilities with qualitative customer feedback and adds more depth and detail to help women troubleshoot fit issues and gather more fit-related background information to determine the right band, the right cup, and then the best style.
I was promised it would be the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn, and it was. So much so that when I realized I hadn’t taken it off yet at home, I kept it on out of laziness. The best part is that this style comes in half cup sizes, which is something I wish every brand would do.
Strapless bras that don't slowly work their way towards your belly button are rare; when you find one, hold it tight and never let it go. This seamless style by ThirdLove (below) works under summer's complicated necklines and its silicon elastic edging keeps it firmly in place.
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This is my personal all-time favorite bra silhouette. It's suited for all body types. Because the coverage on the Plunge extends higher on the strap, it helps keep in full-shapes and smoothes out the breast shape for slope-types — we love the mesh detail.
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Heidi Zak is the co-founder of ThirdLove, an innovative bra and underwear brand that believes fit should come first. In addition to offering signature half-cup sizes to provide a more precise fit, ThirdLove empowers a woman to measure herself from home.
[ThirdLove] bras have half sizes to ensure a great fit. Ever wonder why your C was a teeny bit roomy? Try a B1/2! ThirdLove has a great basic strapless with silicone—just remember to not apply lotion or deodorant in the area.
An outfit has to be really, REALLY good for me to consider wearing a strapless bra, but this one might be worth it. The fit was perfect... I'd consider showing a little extra skin this summer with this one.
Sporty silhouette with side elastic straps that are meant to be seen...
Many online lingerie startups are also gaining traction by providing alternatives to Victoria’s Secret, both in terms of style and marketing... ThirdLove features models who look away from the camera, a stark contrast from Victoria’s Secret’s come-hither marketing.
19 actually cute bras for girls D cup and larger — because it's not just the B cups that should get all the fun!​
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If you’re in the market for true 24/7 everyday underwear, look no further than Thirdlove. Their selling point is fit, even offering bras in half cup sizes, but you’ll find the perfect Goldilocks pick in their undies as well.
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When it comes to accessories, it's best to leave most jewelry at home (save for a pair of statement ear crawlers or a layerable gold necklace), and pack items that are a bit more functional... a travel-sized laundry bag from ThirdLove will be a necessity.
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ThirdLove's philosophy page does a solid job blending the right amount of "what nerdy thing we’ve done" and "what it means for you." For example, ThirdLove’s data set revealed that "50% of women sizes A-D fall in between standard cup sizes," so they developed an entirely new-to-the-category line of half-sized bras.
ThirdLove... and more are tackling the category on the Web with a direct-to-consumer spin. ThirdLove specializes in goods that fit outside the standard sizing spectrum, with sizes such as 34 A1/2.    
ThirdLove's 24/7 checked off all the boxes I look for in a push-up: The underwire was supportive but totally pain-free thanks to a layer of soft micro jersey (a double layer of fabric on the band gave extra security), and it's made with memory foam padding. It's perfect for a true boost!
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For a flawless fit with maximum support, Beyoncé slips into her $68 ThirdLove 24/7 Strap Happy bra. Available in half-size cups, the brand's bras are known for their thin layers of memory foam that smooth and shape. Plus, it's possible to find the perfect style for you from the comfort of your own home.  
Look your absolute finest this Sunday with the revolutionary company shaking up the underwear industry. [ThirdLove] suggests the exact perfect fit for a new bra, using new measurements and metrics from half-sizes on cups to their ‘Breast Shape Dictionary’.
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Before now I have never put on a bra and then immediately forgotten I was wearing it, and I have never not pushed up my bra straps a minimum of 10 times per day. This bra managed to achieve both, something I previously deemed totally impossible.
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