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Marshal Cohen of consumer-analysis firm NPD says ThirdLove's insight--pioneering cup half-sizes--is revelatory. 'You wouldn't want to buy a shoe that didn't have half-sizes. Why would you want to buy a bra without them?' says Cohen.
Inc. Magazine
Fast Company
ThirdLove offers the widest range of sizes on the market, including half sizes. Today, it is moving beyond just fit to color, launching five new shades. The company spent two years gathering as much data as possible about the shades women needed.
The New York Times
Bras should have been the first item to go online. You don’t do it with friends, women don’t like the in-store experience, and the market is filled with old-school brands run by middle-aged men who think they’re targeting women.
ThirdLove has also challenged the traditional sizing that is a Victoria’s Secret mainstay. By aggregating tens of thousands of real women’s measurements through its app, the company created half-cup sizes (i.e. A 1/2 , B ½, C ½), which founder Heidi Zak says has completely changed the way women buy bras.
The world is made up of a variety of skin tones—and what perfectly blends for one person probably won’t work for another. That's why ThirdLove’s "The New Nakeds" collection makes us so happy. Rather than just release a honey-like beige, the underwear brand’s nude offerings come in five different colors.
Zak, who worked as a senior marketing manager at Google before founding the company, differentiated ThirdLove from other lingerie startups by integrating technology and patenting an app to allow users to size themselves at home with just a few photos.
ThirdLove, a direct-to-consumer brand with a robust try-before-you-buy program, started offering five “naked” shades this past winter. T-shirt, full-coverage and push-up bras are available in cup sizes AA through G, including signature half-cup sizes.
Business Insider
If bra shopping feels like a modern-day "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" — one cup is too big, while the other is too small — ThirdLove's signature half-cup sizes will help you find that "just right" fit.
Who What Wear
Intimates line ThirdLove is going one step further with it's New Nakeds range of bras and underwear. Not only does the brand's range of nude bras come in five distinct shades, but they also come in a surprisingly vast range of sizes (from AA to G, including half sizes).
ThirdLove announced a new collection dubbed The New Naked: three versions of its hallmark 24/7 bra as well as underwear in five shades meant to match different skin tones. Its inclusive sizing range (with bands from sizes 30 to 40, and cups from A to F) translates to these newcomers on its roster.
I was promised it would be the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn, and it was. So much so that when I realized I hadn’t taken it off yet at home, I kept it on out of laziness. The best part is that this style comes in half cup sizes, which is something I wish every brand would do.
Huffington Post
Heidi Zak is the co-founder of ThirdLove, an innovative bra and underwear brand that believes fit should come first. In addition to offering signature half-cup sizes to provide a more precise fit, ThirdLove has developed a patented mobile sizing app that empowers a woman to measure herself from home.
This app/website is great for girls who do not want to have a traditional in-store fit experience. Snap a pic of yourself (in a tank top) with the app and voilà, find out your size... Also, the bras have half sizes to ensure a great fit.
Inc. Magazine
Few women would say shopping for a bra is a pleasant experience. That’s why Zak hopes to win customers over with an app that measures women’s bra sizes at home using just a few short questions.
An outfit has to be really, REALLY good for me to consider wearing a strapless bra, but this one might be worth it. The fit was perfect... I'd consider showing a little extra skin this summer with this one.
Sporty silhouette with side elastic straps that are meant to be seen...
Many online lingerie startups are also gaining traction by providing alternatives to Victoria’s Secret, both in terms of style and marketing... ThirdLove features models who look away from the camera, a stark contrast from Victoria’s Secret’s come-hither marketing.
19 actually cute bras for girls D cup and larger — because it's not just the B cups that should get all the fun!​
Teen Vogue
If you’re in the market for true 24/7 everyday underwear, look no further than Thirdlove. Their selling point is fit, even offering bras in half cup sizes, but you’ll find the perfect Goldilocks pick in their undies as well.
Fashion Times
When it comes to accessories, it's best to leave most jewelry at home (save for a pair of statement ear crawlers or a layerable gold necklace), and pack items that are a bit more functional... a travel-sized laundry bag from ThirdLove will be a necessity.
Fast Co Design
ThirdLove's philosophy page does a solid job blending the right amount of "what nerdy thing we’ve done" and "what it means for you." For example, ThirdLove’s data set gleaned from their iOS mobile fit app revealed that "50% of women sizes A-D fall in between standard cup sizes," so they developed an entirely new-to-the-category line of half-sized bras.
The Small Things Blog
The 24/7 Lace Balconette bra is my current favorite. It breathes, it’s pretty and feminine, and the shape is perfect. I also have their 24/7 Classic Push-Up Bra and I assure you it has all the perks (pun intended) of a push-up without the feeling of being pushed.
ThirdLove... and more are tackling the category on the Web with a direct-to-consumer spin. ThirdLove raised $13.6 million to build an app that specializes in goods that fits outside the standard sizing spectrum, with sizes such as 34 A1/2.    
ThirdLove's 24/7 checked off all the boxes I look for in a push-up: The underwire was supportive but totally pain-free thanks to a layer of soft micro jersey (a double layer of fabric on the band gave extra security), and it's made with memory foam padding. It's perfect for a true boost!
Life & Style
For a flawless fit with maximum support, Beyoncé slips into her $68 ThirdLove 24/7 Strap Happy bra. Available in half-size cups, the brand's bras are known for their thin layers of memory foam that smooth and shape. Plus, through the company's sizing app, it's possible to find the perfect style for you from the comfort of your own home.  ...
Look your absolute finest this Sunday with the revolutionary company shaking up the underwear industry. [ThirdLove] suggests the exact perfect fit for a new bra, using new measurements and metrics from half-sizes on cups to their ‘Breast Shape Dictionary’.
People Style
Before now I have never put on a bra and then immediately forgotten I was wearing it, and I have never not pushed up my bra straps a minimum of 10 times per day. This bra managed to achieve both, something I previously deemed totally impossible.
Thanks to beyond-gorgeous indie lingerie brands... there’s a solution for practically every NSFW summer top, skirt, and dress. Let your exhibitionist flag fly and wear ThirdLove's seamless thong and nothing else.
...Heidi has completely reinvented the way betches shop for the right bra size and sells bras that are hot AF while fitting perfectly.
ThirdLove believes in offering customers a mobile-first shopping experience, and they made their first sale through their iOS app before they even had a shopping website, only a splash page.
Huffington Post
By accumulating data on real female body shapes, sizes and preferences, San Francisco’s ThirdLove now boasts some of the lowest shopper returns in the bra industry. The company is challenging the mammoth marketing-machine that is the bra industry.
Lingerie company ThirdLove has identified the seven most common breast shapes, which appear in the company's own breast shape dictionary to persuade women that it's the shape of their boobs rather than the traditional measurements taken around the chest that should dictate what type of bra they should be shopping for.
Business Insider
The top 5 lingerie brands that aren't Victoria's Secret. ThirdLove has even secured a round of investment from one of Victoria's Secret's former CEOs, furthering the notion that industry veterans believe in the company.
The Zoe Report
ThirdLove's seamless thong is essential for white bottoms and form-fitting outfits.
Many women see pregnancy as a reason to slow down. Heidi Zak’s idea of slowing down was to drop the treadmill speed at Barry’s Bootcamp to 8 miles an hour from her normal 11.
The straps on the sides and back of this fashion-forward bra are so sexy, you won't mind it if they peek through your clothing. Like all ThirdLove bras, this style is available in full- and half-cup sizes.
ThirdLove, another e-commerce lingerie retailer by former Aéropostale retail director Heidi Zak, has taken it a step further. The e-retailer has an iOS app that... uses a photo to measure the client’s exact measurements, even going in half sizes for bra cups.
Huffington Post
How one woman stood up to a sexist Calvin Klein billboard... Zak posted a video on YouTube in response to the ad, calling out the designer for the billboard’s offensive message about women.
Daily Mail
[Zak] added that brands have a responsibility to show that women can to more than just 'seduce' — and to that end, she created the hashtag #MoreThanMyUnderwear, encouraging other women to join in the conversation.
The CEO of a rival lingerie company, ThirdLove, is calling out Calvin Klein for the billboard's sexist message. Heidi Zak started a petition today to take the billboard down.
xo Jane
While she and her brand are familiar with featuring women in underwear, Zak maintains that there's a difference between being sexy and being sexist in marketing.
Lingerie company ThirdLove have made it their business to study the art of boobs, and have identified that there are seven different types among women.
Some baby genius at lingerie company ThirdLove created a chart of seven boob types that most women have.
Kim's Kart
ThirdLove has re-engineered the bra. Instead of just doing industry standard cup sizes, they have half-cup sizes... they do a Fit Finder... I have three of them, and haven't worn any of my other bras since I got them.
Women's Health
If you always thought there were only two kinds of boobs—big or small—your mind is about to be blown. According to bra company ThirdLove, women have one of seven different sets of headlights.
The team at ThirdLove shared some insight with us last summer, suggesting the best bra to buy based on the shape of your ladies and providing some handy illustrations to make identifying yours easier.
Third Love's primary aim is to allow women to measure their own bra size carefully and accurately at home and do away with the nightmare of having a stranger arching around you with a measuring tape.
The company is really committed to fit: for example, there are minor design differences between sizes, depending on the fit needs of a particular band number and cup letter.
ThirdLove is the new high tech way to find the right bra size! Scientists have come up with an app that takes all of the guesswork out of finding that perfect fit.
...The size guide on the ThirdLove website also takes into account the breast’s other characteristics, such as length and fullness. The illustrations on the firm’s "Breast Shape Dictionary” depict a range of breast types, and is intended to help women choose a bra that best suits her body.