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Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra


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Raves & Reviews


“I jumped. I ran. The ladies stayed put! Finally, a sports bra that actually fits.”

– Stephanie S.


“Getting into and out of sports bras can be an act of contortion, but not with this one."

– Patricia P.


“This sports bra is so comfy I want to wear it under everything and I don't have to think about it all day.”

– Katie R.


“As a runner, I am constantly on the lookout for a bra that will 'reduce bounce'. This Kinetic bra really does the trick!”

– Sara C.


"No chafing! The option to criss-cross the straps helps keep everything in place."

– Sheila G.


"This is the first sports bra I'm not begging to take off at the end of a workout."

– Shayna G.


"Total support and comfort! The material is super soft but durable - almost feels like I have nothing on."

– Larissa M.


"I haven't been able to run comfortably for years. I wore this sports bra on my jog and WOW, great support!"

– Jen T.


"I hate being distracted by my sports bra. Not with this one - I don't think about it at all when I'm wearing it!"

– Nanci B.


"I usually have to wear two bras when I work out for support, this sports bra has eliminated that issue."

– Natashia H.


"I wore this sports bra for two days straight during my hiking trip. This is the BEST bra ever."

– Sadie H.

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We've Got Your Back (And Your Front)

We've Got Your Back (And Your Front)

Returns & exchanges are free for 60 days.

We've Got Your Back (And Your Front)

No questions asked.

We've Got Your Back (And Your Front)

Customer service is open 7 days a week for fit advice & more.


What Is The Bra Made Of?

Our Kinetic Sports Bra is made of:

  • Smooth, stretch polyester
  • Compressive spandex
  • Breathable foam cups

All of our products are free from latex, formaldehyde, flame retardants, rubber, nickel, carmine, red dye, and copper zinc.

How Do I Measure My Bra Size?

You don’t! Versus traditional bra fittings, we focused entirely on the fit and feel to find your size. Our Fitting Room will ask you questions to determine your perfect fit. Our team of Fit Stylists are also ready to help you via Live Chat.

How Do I Care For My Bra?

Handwashing is ideal, but you can machine wash our bras with these 3 easy steps.

  • Hook ’em up: clasp bras to prevent snagging & protect them with a mesh lingerie bag.
  • Stay cold: wash in cold water on delicate.
  • Deny the dryer: tumbling & heat hurt delicates. Lay flat to dry, or place on a drying rack.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Every order is backed by our 100% Fit Guarantee: 60 days to love, exchange, or return. Exchanges are free for U.S. orders, $13 CAD for Canada.