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Your favorite bra, now in nursing

Introducing the 24/7™ Nursing Bra Collection

You have enough to think about besides your bra. That’s why we’ve thought about it obsessively, down to the very last thread. We crafted the ThirdLove® 24/7™ Nursing Bra Collection in our distinct style, with every detail designed to feel as amazing as it looks.

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Behind the Design

As a bra designer, I’ve spent decades thinking about bras. However, it was only as a mother, feeling the demands of a baby, that I realized the necessity of a great nursing bra. It became crystal clear that women need support that can go anywhere: from home to errands, from weekends to the office, from casual to chic. I designed ThirdLove’s nursing bra with that in mind.

Motherhood has changed me, but the person I was before my daughter was born is still here. I’m a mom, but not only a mom; no mother is. We deserve to feel like our full selves—complex and alluring, even if we also feel frazzled and sleep-deprived. At ThirdLove, we believe in supporting women and mothers through thick and thin. I hope you’ll join us.

Anatomy of a Nursing Bra

Strap feature
Incredibly soft micro jersey fabric, knitted for maximum durability.
Strap feature
Easy-open cups allow for simplicity while feeding and pumping.
Strap feature
Double layer back (that’s tag-free!) with hidden elastic smooths your silhouette.
Strap feature
Front closure at center for easy dressing.

Cradles, supports and comforts you.

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From Bump to Baby: How Your Breasts Change

Your breasts are one of the first things to change in pregnancy, often getting tender and increasing in size. Your ribcage will expand as your belly grows, so your band size will likely increase, too.
Pro Tip: Try a wireless bra for soft support as your body changes throughout pregnancy.
Baby’s here! Congratulations! As soon as you give birth, maternal hormones signal your breasts to produce milk. It can take a few days for your milk to come in, during which your breasts will swell.
Pro Tip: Going braless, if you can, for the first few days might be most comfortable and easy, as you and baby get acquainted.
You’ll notice your breasts are larger and feel full before each nursing session, and smaller and a bit softer afterwards. Your breasts may also leak a bit of milk, so nursing pads can help keep your clothes dry.
Pro Tip: Having an extra nursing bra in your rotation can come in handy, especially in case of leaks or spit-up.
back to daily life
After the first few weeks of nursing, you’ll start to get into a predictable pattern. Both nursing and pumping are simplified with our easy-open cups.
Pro Tip: If you’re pumping, looking at a picture of your baby can help with lactation and speed up the process.
Once you stop lactating, your breasts and ribcage will likely be a different size than they were pre-pregnancy. It’s important to find a bra that fits your new size.
Pro Tip: Since your breasts and your ribcage may have changed, make sure you’re double-checking your band size, not just your cup size.


Motherhood comes in all shapes. As much as we’d love a how-to manual on raising kids, we believe the real magic happens in the unscripted moments, when in between all the doing, you find the time and comfort to just be.

Shop the Collection Shop the 24/7™ Nursing Collection
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