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“As I like to say, ThirdLove’s the charm —”

“I see it all the time, women choosing to stick with a bad bra. All I can do is point them in the right direction: to ThirdLove.” — Bar’Bra Boulders, renowned Bra-lationship Coach and winner of the Nipple Peace Prize.

ThirdLove Success Stories

“It was during a big presentation at work, when I noticed my nipples were showing through! I broke up with my flimsy bralette that day and couldn’t be happier in my Lace Plunge.”
— Coco, 36B

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“I never got the support I needed from my loser bra, but I’m happy to report that two weeks ago, I found my fit in the Pima Cotton Wireless.”
— Chelsea, 38D

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“I was constantly trying to fix my relationship, no matter how often I was let down. Then I met Ombre Mesh and wow, I think I finally know what true love is.”
— Amelia, 32D

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Signs of a Good Bra-lationship

Finding the right bra is a lot like love — when you know, you know.