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We Asked Team ThirdLove: What's Your Favorite Bra?

Ever wondered what’s in other people’s bra drawers? We asked Team ThirdLove (so that you didn’t have to) and what we found surprised us: color is big right now (almost every single person on our team chose a bright color vs. a neutral hue) and fashion styles are ruling the game. Team TL is also gravitating towards lace above all else—and everyone is getting quite creative in how they’re showing off their bras off underneath their favorite tops for summer.

See all of Team ThirdLove’s picks and join the conversation below:

Veronique, Head of Strategy

Bra size: 32F

Favorite style: 24/7™ Lace Balconette Bra in Midnight Plum

Why: “I'm a huge lover of color, but tend to wear a more neutral palette in my wardrobe. I like having a little peek of lace in a rich hue under my tops for summer, and the Lace Balconette Bra gives me that pop I’m looking for.”

Rachael Haubner, CX Supervisor

Bra size: 36D

Favorite style: Perfect Contour Plunge in Blue Iris

Why: “The plunge is the best everyday bra! This style, in particular, provides great support, fits like a glove and it has some sexy detailing on the straps and the cups. Plus, I don’t really mind if you can see a peek of it sticking out underneath my top.”

Gabi Anderson, Senior Visual Designer

Bra size: 34 A½

Favorite style: Wireless Bra in Black

Why: “My favorite bra is our Wireless because it has a really sporty silhouette without being a sports bra. I work out a lot (and have enough sports bras!) so it’s nice to have a regular bra that’s a bit sportier for when I’m not working out. It’s also my favorite bra for weekends in Yosemite because it’s just so comfortable!”

Sherisse, Order Management Specialist

Bra size: 38D

Favorite style: 24/7™ Lace Perfect Coverage Bra in Nightshade

Why: “The Perfect Coverage Bra is my favorite because the straps are thicker and allow for a more comfortable fit for an entire day. I also like the lace detail on the Lace Perfect Coverage Bra that makes it a bit more feminine.”

Stephanie Handy Crosland, Merchandise Planner

Bra size: 32B

Favorite style: Front Closure Lace Racerback in Deep Orchid

Why: “My favorite bra is hands down our Lace Racerback, as I don’t own many front closure bras and this was our first! I also love how the lace back is feminine without being overkill—from the front, it just looks like a normal plunge bra, and then you get the added surprise in the back.”

Cynthia Barton, Graphic Designer

Bra size: 32C

Favorite style: Lace T-shirt Bra in Potent Plum

Why: “Our Lace T-shirt Bra is my favorite because it’s an elevated take on a classic ThirdLove style—super flattering and comfortable, but also elegant. I also love how the lace peeks through underneath simple, drapey tops for summer.”

Emily Piskulick, Social Media Manager

Bra size: 34 C½

Favorite style: 24/7™ T-shirt Bra in Deep Orchid

Why: “My favorite thing about the T-shirt Bra is how it lays flat underneath even the tightest of t-shirts—it drives me crazy when you can see the edge of your cups through a white tee! I also love the Deep Orchid color for summer: it’s a nice way to show a little color even if you don’t want to wear it on the outside.”

Erin Lucarelli, Product Designer

Bra size: 34 B½

Favorite style: 24/7™ Strapless Bra in Nude

Why: “It’s summer, which means you have to have a strapless bra! The 24/7™ Classic Strapless Bra works under everything and stays put all day (and night)—a wedding season essential!”

Kirsten Mauro, Email Marketing

Bra size: 34DD

Favorite style: 24/7™ Perfect Coverage Bra in Naked 4

Why: “I think people see the words ‘Full Coverage’ and shy away, thinking it will be too much coverage. What I love about our Full Coverage Bra is that it gives me the support I need as a DD without all of the extra fabric. Even though I have paler skin, I gravitated immediately to Naked 4 and wear it as a neutral.”

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