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The Nursing Bra Collection: Inside the Design

As a bra designer, I’ve spent decades thinking about bras. However, it was only as a mother, feeling the demands of a baby, that I realized the necessity of a great nursing bra.

In my hunt for the perfect nursing bra, it became crystal clear to me that women need support that can go anywhere: from home to errands, weekends to the office, and casual to chic.

But you have enough to think about besides your bra, which is why we’ve thought about it obsessively, down to the very last thread. We crafted the ThirdLove Nursing Bra Collection in our distinct style, with every detail designed to feel as amazing as it looks.

These little details truly make a difference in how the ThirdLove Nursing Bra Collection fits, feels and looks:

1. Super-soft fabric.

If you’ve ever nursed, you know how sensitive your breasts can be during this stage of motherhood. That’s why our number one priority was designing a bra that’s made out of the softest, most comfortable materials that move with you throughout the day and look great underneath anything.

2. Easy-open cups.

When you’re feeding or pumping (especially in public), the last thing you want to think about is how to get your bra cups open. That’s why we designed easy-open cups with a clasp at the top to help you feed and pump with ease. Plus, the clasp lays flat and stays hidden underneath blouses—perfect for heading back to work.

3. Front closure clasp.

As we were designing this bra, we really wanted to focus on making a mother’s life easier—and reaching around your back to hook a bra while you’re nursing is uncomfortable and unnecessary. So, in addition to easy-open cups, we also added in a front closure clasp in the center, so everything is up front and center.

4. A smooth back, with no itchy tags or clasps.

Nursing bras should be designed to take you from home to work (and back home again at night) with ease, and a huge part of making a bra functional and transitional is comfort. Your bra needs to be ultra-comfortable if you’re going to be wearing it that long!

Instead of muddying up the back of our nursing bras with tags, clasps, and metal, we simplified things and made a double layer back with hidden elastic. Not only does it smooth your silhouette underneath tops, but it is also comfortable enough to lean back on (or lay down in) without irritation.

Motherhood has changed me, but the person I was before my daughter was born is still here. I’m a mom, but not only a mom; no mother is. We deserve to feel like our full selves—complex and alluring, even if we also feel frazzled and sleep-deprived. At ThirdLove, we believe in supporting women and mothers through thick and thin—which is why we’re so proud and excited to have launched our Nursing Bra Collection.

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