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Team ThirdLove’s Gift Picks: The Essentials

Forget the purse-sized smoothie maker or rhinestone-encrusted yoga mat. Instead, gift her something classic that she’ll wear and love over and over again.

Here are our team’s picks for essential gifts:

24/7 Classic Strapless Bra

“This bra is a game-changer: never having to adjust your strapless bra makes every occasion a thousand times more fun.” — Gina, Brand Marketing Manager

Seamless Underwear 3-Pack

“Seriously, who doesn’t love getting new underwear? These cute underwear packs come in enticing color combinations and are just asking to be wrapped up and gifted.” — Lauren, Brand Operations Coordinator

24/7 Perfect Coverage Bra

“A supportive bra that’s still sexy—now that’s a gift. I’m giving this in Seafoam and Twilight for fun pops of color.” — Kirsten, Email Marketing Manager

Seamless Bamboo Cami & Leggings

“I was stumped on what to get my sister until this combo came along. The Seamless Lounge Collection just works in so many ways: relaxing at home with her kids, running errands, even winter layering.” — Rachel Roberts, Growth Marketing Associate

24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

“If she hasn’t experienced perfect fit yet, she should. Gift her our T-Shirt Bra (I call it the ‘gateway bra’) and she’ll never go back to uncomfortable lingerie again.” — Emily, Content Marketing Manager

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