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Summer Reading List: Originals by Adam Grant

What’s on your summer reading list?

We’ve got reading on the brain right now, mainly because we just launched the ThirdLove Book Club. Each month, our team is reading a new book and gathering to discuss what we loved about it, and how it ties back to our business.

First up for July was Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, by Adam Grant. With a foreword by Sheryl Sandberg and a spot at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers list, we knew we had to read it—and it didn’t disappoint.

Looking to host your own book club, or just read Originals for yourself? Check out the questions we asked Team ThirdLove to get the conversation started, and the TED Talk we watched to get inspired. 

Conversation Questions

What were your overall thoughts of the book?

This book was a lot about myths, things we think are commonly true but are not. Which myth surprised you most?

What did you think of Ray Dalio and Bridgewater?

How will you be more original now?

Are there any takeaways you think you can incorporate into your work life?

What were some of the stories Adam used as examples that resonated with you?

Do you have any suggestions for next month’s book club? Tweet at us!

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