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5 Podcasts You Have to Listen To in April

Do you ever wonder what people are listening to on their headphones? Heavy metal rock, the new Kendrick album, a book on tape or that podcast everyone’s talking about... the possibilities keep me too curious not to ask. I polled some of my teammates to spill what they listen to while they work, particularly which podcasts have recently caught their eye (and ear), and it’s left me with a full list to chip away at in my “unplayed” downloads.

Ranging from murder mysteries that will send a chill up your spine, to political talk shows that will (attempt) to make you feel like a more informed citizen, these are the five podcasts we think you should listen to this month:

1. Best Self-Help Podcast: The Full On Happiness Podcast.

Would you describe yourself as a particularly happy person? Gina Martini, life and health coach, explores all things happiness-related in The Full On Happiness Podcast. This podcast is especially great for those of you out there who are looking to boost your happiness levels and learn how you can actively lead a more fulfilling life.

2. Best Murder Mystery: S Town.

The internet (and our office) is buzzing about S Town, the newest podcast from the team who brought us Serial, a podcast cult-classic. S Town tells the bizarre story of a man named John who lives in a small town in Alabama and asks Brian Reed from This American Life to investigate a murder in his hometown. This 7 part podcast investigates John’s claims—and takes you on a wild ride along the way. We give S Town five stars, all the way.

3. Best Political Podcast: Pod Save America.

Are you a news junkie? Whether you constantly refresh your CNN app or not, it doesn’t matter—Pod Save America is a political podcast that keeps you up-to-date with the latest news in a digestible (and hilarious) way. Led by Barack Obama’s Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau, this podcast takes it to the next level and not only discusses recent political news, but also how you can get involved—regardless of your political party. Plus, the all-star lineup of guest stars (including everyone from Cecile Richards to Barack Obama himself) is enough to get me to tune in.

4. Best Business Podcast: StartUp.

We’re in Silicon Valley, so of course a business-focused podcast had to work its way onto our top five. StartUp is a series about what it’s really like to run a business—and with over 5,000 five stars in the iTunes Store, we trust every word. StartUp gets two thumbs up from Team TL!

5. Best Design Podcast: Design Matters with Debbie Millman.

Are you a creative type? Our Design Team can’t stop listening to Design Matters with Debbie Millman—a podcast for the graphic designers, artists and writers of the world who are looking for some inspiration from industry-leaders. Debbie Millman sits down with the best in the biz, from Jonathan Adler to Grace Bonney (from Design Sponge), to Isaac Mizrahi and Su Mathews Hale (the first female president of AIGA). Give it a listen to get your creative juices flowing—it won’t disappoint!

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