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On Our Radar: What Team ThirdLove is Watching This Month

Each Monday, our team here at ThirdLove HQ gathers for a morning huddle and everyone shares what they were up to over the weekend and what they have on their agenda for the week. 

Nine times out of ten, these updates drift to the topic of what everyone watched over the weekend, from their favorite TV show of the moment to what movie the office is clamoring over. From Stranger Things to The Girl on the Train, we’ve heard it all.

Here’s what we’re watching in January:


Image via PBS.

It’s been a long time coming (the last season aired in 2014), but Sherlock is back for its fourth season and it’s as juicy — and hilarious — as ever. Two out of three of the show’s episodes have aired so far (the final episode is this Sunday, January 15) and we can’t wait to see how it all ends.

You can watch the last episode of this season of Sherlock this Sunday, January 15 on PBS at 9 PM PT.

La La Land

Image via Indiewire.

With its big wins at the Golden Globes last weekend, La La Land is on our must-see list of movies. And, as if we didn’t have enough reason to watch it, did you catch Ryan Gosling’s adorable acceptance speech when he won for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical at the Globes? #swoon

This is Us

Image via Odyssey.

Mandy Moore and Co-Star Milo Ventimiglia are the perfect duo to lead the dysfunctional, hilarious and diverse TV family in This is Us. It’s happy, it’s sad, it’s funny and it’s seriously easy to watch — no laser-focus needed to enjoy this one. Have you watched it? What did you think?

You can watch This is Us on NBC, Tuesday nights at 9 PM PT. 

Hidden Figures

Image via Fox Movies.

Unlike “Hidden Fences”, Hidden Figures is a story about three African-American women who worked at NASA to put John Glenn into space during the Space Race in the 1960’s. Hidden Figures has everything we love in a movie — strong, female characters and a story that’s never been told. We’re in!

The Bachelor

Image via ABC.

To be totally honest with you, I’ve never watched an episode of The Bachelor — or The Bachelorette — in my life, but the conversations are buzzing around ThirdLove HQ about who’s going to be Nick’s top pick this season. What do you think — are you a fan? Who do you think’s going to make it far?

You can watch The Bachelor on ABC, Monday night at 8/9 C.

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