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Nontraditional Resolutions That Can Improve Your 2018

We’ve embraced 2018 with open arms, and promised ourselves this would be the year we save money, start running, become a vegan. While it's definitely commendable to try to better yourself, there's something a bit tired and cliché about a New Year's resolution. After all, why can't we resolve to improve at any time of the year?

This year, we’re going a little against the grain with some ideas for nontraditional resolutions that can improve your 2018.

Instead of a juice cleanse, do a social media cleanse.

Research shows that scrolling through a newsfeed can lead to social comparison, which can then lead to depressive symptoms. Resolve to take a step back from it all this year, and focus on how you feel⏤instead of all the highlight reels on Insta.

Spend time alone.

Carving out a little “me time” is actually really good for you⏤it helps clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly. Make it a goal this year to partake in some of your favorite activities on your own. Not only will you have fun, but you might meet someone who shares your interests.

Cut back on complaining.

Negative thoughts can increase stress levels⏤and who needs that? Be mindful this year and try counteracting complaints or negative thinking with something positive.

Use all of your vacation days.

A HuffPost survey found that 32 percent of people used zero of their allocated vacation days last year⏤but taking a break is super important for your well-being! If you don’t feel like taking a vacation, try a mental health day, instead.

Pick a theme for 2018.

Maybe this whole “resolution” thing isn’t for you? Instead of picking a goal, pick a word you want to live by in 2018. It could be “confident,” “compassionate,” or “positive.” Whatever you want to start doing⏤or being⏤more of.

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