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Little Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

Whether you're totally committed, super single or somewhere in between, Valentine's Day provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the great love of your life: yourself! This February 14th, treat yourself with a little extra kindness by giving yourself little rewards for being you. And hey, if you want to start the celebration early and keep it going until St. Patrick's Day, we won't judge.

At-Home Spa Day

Why go out to a pricey spa when you can pamper yourself at home, with wine and "Scandal" reruns? Your own personal spa can be as minimalist or luxurious as you'd like. Pull on a fuzzy robe and give yourself a mani-pedi, or set aside eight hours for a packed schedule of deep conditioning, exfoliating, moisturizing and soaking. Another option: extend the bliss with a full week of nightly treatments.

Whatever you decide on, go full (scented) steam ahead when it comes to creating a spa-like atmosphere. Your favorite candle and Spotify playlist can do the trick! You might even opt to do some yoga stretches or meditation first to get yourself in the mood to unwind.

Pro Tip: If you’re on a budget, pick yourself up a Sephora sheet mask. They’re $6 and oh-so-hydrating!

Give Back

Doing good makes you feel good, so supporting a worthy organization is the definition of a win-win. In fact, some studies have shown a link between volunteerism and good health — but you don't need science to know that putting in a few hours at your local food pantry will leave you feeling great about yourself.

So this Valentine's Day, make your heart happy by sharing the love. Give money or time to charities in your community. Crowdsource your friends for recommendations of organizations doing reputable work.

Cook a Feast

Whip up a you-centric feast by preparing all your favorites and serving them on good dishes at a candlelit table. Munch on mac and cheese from a box with a side of gummy worms, or dine on really expensive steak and champagne. For one meal at least, don't worry about calorie counts and whether anyone else likes olives and anchovies on pizza like you do. Don't forget to toast to yourself — you deserve it!

Hit the Road

Head out on the open road to spend some quality time with yourself. A solo road trip, whether it lasts an afternoon or a week, can give you some time to unwind, relax and do the things that you love without compromising. No need to share control over the radio or itinerary when you're in the driver's seat of your own adventure. Hit a nearby hiking trail, check out a cool museum in a far-away city or just set off with no set itinerary.

Gift Yourself

Think of the last item you coveted in a store but decided not to buy, and go snap it up now. Have a tight budget? Gift yourself with something small, like a bottle of nail polish, or take on a DIY project. Make a candle using your favorite scents, create a playlist of all your favorite songs or buy a canvas and create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for your bedroom.

If you're stressed out by clutter and chaos, you might even consider organization to be a gift. Treat yourself to some new storage bins or shelving units, then sort through your stuff one room at a time. By the end, you'll have a collection of items to donate to others and a home where you'll feel happy and settled. Check out our closet cleanout tips if you’re in need of a dose of inspiration!

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