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Let's Talk Bottoms: What Your Go-To Underwear Says About You

Okay, the science isn't exact. But poll your circle of friends, and you'd probably be convinced that there's a link between underwear choices and personality. That super-organized friend who always has unexpired coupons arranged alphabetically in her purse? She's probably wearing fairly conservative bikinis (with a matching bra, no doubt). And if you asked your free-spirited pal who lives in sneakers and misbuttoned flannels, she'd probably admit to rocking colorful boy shorts most days.

Your undies should be comfortable, but they should also make you feel like the best version of yourself. And what's so great about you? Look no further than your underwear drawer for insight.

If you prefer thongs…

Pull on a thong most mornings? You're probably crazy confident and take pride in your appearance, and you like to feel like you have a naughty secret under your clothes. You wear tight pants, and you're proud of your curves - or you work in a very conservative field and don't want pesky panty lines showing while you're delivering killer presentations in your corner office. We're betting you have a spicy love life, too.

If you prefer bikinis…

Prefer the bikini brief? You're a woman on the go and would rather organize your to-do list than try on multiple outfits and debate accessories. After you choose your underwear in the morning, you don't want to think about them again all day. Jeans and a t-shirt are your go-to weekend wear, but you're always neat and put together.

If you prefer boy shorts…

Comfort is your ultimate goal. Boy shorts are super comfy and a little quirkier than a thong or bikini, which speaks volumes about your unique personality. Boy shorts appeal to artists, sporty gals or any woman who is just as comfortable drinking a beer on game day as a cosmo at happy hour. Do you!

If you prefer cheekies…

Like the name suggests, cheekies are the perfect fit for women who are just a little bit audacious. We're not saying you've danced on more than one bar ... but we're not saying you haven't, either. This style is fun and flirty, and it's perfect for the woman who feels just as good about herself in a pair of sweatpants as she does in an LBD. You're probably also a big fan of the shape of your behind - as well you should be. 

If you prefer granny panties…

Comfort is king to you. Perhaps you tried other styles in the past and got frustrated with the way they pulled, itched or shifted. You're comfortable in your own skin, and how you see yourself is more important than how others see you. Basically, you're awesome.

If it's been awhile since you tried undies of the non-granny variety, you might be delighted at how far they've come in terms of fit and comfort. Seamless construction and breathable fabrics make barely-there styles feel so good, you'll have trouble remembering they're there. Try our Seamless Bikini to start, or take the plunge with a sassy thong.

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