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How (and Why) We’re Doing Things Differently At ThirdLove

Our company mission at ThirdLove is to help women find their perfect fit and to design amazing products. We believe that a great bra can transform your day, make you look good -- and feel even better. But we never understood why dressing room bra fittings were so uncomfortable, or why bras weren’t being designed with real women in mind. So, we set out to do things a little bit differently.

Here are just a few ways ThirdLove is changing the way you shop for a bra and shaking up our industry:

1. Our cup sizes are designed differently.

Did you know? Most traditional lingerie brands use a “perfect” fit model to size their bras, and then scale sizes up and down from that one model. This means that most bras on the market today aren’t actually designed on (or for) real women’s bodies. And, as you can imagine, most women in the world don’t have the same body type as the fit model, so bras end up fitting poorly.

We fit our bras on real women of all shapes and sizes - oftentimes, we even tap friends of ours to “wear test” our products before we push them live to ensure they’re actually the perfect fit for real women. This helps us create a better fit and design bras that are customized for you.

2. We’re the only brand to carry half-cup sizes.

To fix slipping straps, try tightening your bra straps, if you haven’t already. Straps can stretch out over time, so we suggest doing this every other month or so.

Traditionally, lingerie brands carry about 30 sizes and no ½ cup sizes. This is not so great for women who fall in between traditional sizes - which is about one in every two women. At ThirdLove, we have 47 different cup sizes (and counting!) including half cups. These half cups allow those “in betweeners” to finally find their perfect fit.

You can also use our Fit Finder® quiz to find your perfect size. You might be surprised and end up a half-size!

3. We believe women are sexy in their everyday lives.

Look at any lingerie brand out there today and the first word that comes to mind is probably “sexy”. More often than not, these brands flaunt the idea of sexy as an over-the-top fantasy. At ThirdLove, we believe women can be (and are!) sexy in their real lives, and we don’t think sexy has to be over-the-top. That’s why our models are sometimes partially clothed - to show how their bra will work with their wardrobe. After all, you wear a bra for the larger part of your day - it needs to be able to fit seamlessly into your life.

This, we think, defines the biggest difference between us and other brands out there. Our goal is to help real women look and feel great every day, not just on date night or Valentine’s Day. We want you to be comfortable and feel amazing in our 24/7™ Classic T-shirt Bra at 10 AM on a Tuesday just as much as we want you to rock our 24/7™ Lace Push-Up Bra out on a weekend.

4. We allow you to size yourself from home.

Let’s face it: it’s awkward being sized for a bra in-person. And, oftentimes, this method of sizing doesn’t even work - nearly 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size because of outdated sizing technology.

Our goal is to make this process easier (and less uncomfortable) for women everywhere. There are two ways you can size yourself from home: either using our app, or taking our Fit Finder® quiz.

Want to learn more about how ThirdLove is doing things differently? Feel free to email me at [email protected] - I’m always happy to answer questions or help you find your perfect fit.

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