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How to Win our #Unboxing Campaign in 2 Easy Steps

If you’ve ever ordered a package from ThirdLove, odds are you’ve seen the #unboxing campaign we print on our boxes. All you have to do is snap a picture while unboxing your ThirdLove goodies, post to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #unboxing and #MyThirdLove, and you’re entered to win $500 worth of bras!

Want to know how you can win? Here are some of our best tips on how you can make your #unboxing photo stand out from the crowd and win yourself $500 worth of bras:

1. Set the stage.

All of the best Instagram photos have a few things in common: bright, natural light and a layout that tells a story. Same goes for #unboxing photos - show your goodies off by styling the area and bringing in a few of your other favorite things, like beauty products or clothes you’re loving right now.

Here are some examples of how others styled their #unboxing photos - @alihollins packed in some cozy sweaters to show how she’ll be wearing her ThirdLove favorites and @jillian.harris showcased her Bra Wardrobe with her current favorite beauty products.

You can also have someone else snap your #unboxing photo for you, if you’d like to be in the shot! See how @emilyijackson opened up her ThirdLove box in her swoon-worthy closet:

Why does it matter? We just might re-gram it, or use it in an email! We love to share our customer’s personal style.

2. Captions matter!

Some of the best #unboxing photos we’ve seen are not only beautiful but also have a hilarious or well-thought-out caption. How do your ThirdLove bras help you get through the day? How excited were you to come home to a box full of bras? Bottle that emotion in your caption. For inspiration, here are some past #unboxing captions we loved:

“Sometimes as a mom, you are so busy taking care of everyone else, that we aren’t taking care of ourselves. Sometimes you splurge and buy that something that helps make your day just a little easier! #ThirdLove #MyThirdLove #unboxing” - @mtns711

“I know this is the start of a beautiful friendship - I have not been so excited about a box in a really long time! #myThirdLove #unboxing” - @thestrawberrynestlips

“These ancient beasts have been wandering the Earth, searching for a half cup size. @thirdlove #mythirdlove #unboxing” - @tobiaty

“I have to share this with you girls because it was so huge for me! I have not worn an actual bra since I stopped nursing Gregory over a year ago. The A cups fit weird, the B cups didn't fit, and I felt like every bra I tried on was meant to push up some non-existent fat… I saw an ad for this bra while scrolling through Pinterest and decided to order one. When it came in yesterday, I didn't even open it right away because I was so scared it wouldn't fit. But it fit perfectly! And today... I'm wearing a bra! I cried I was so excited! #thirdlove #mythirdlove @thirdlove” - @dallasbbgmami

Now, get to ‘grammin! We’ll pick our next #unboxing winner around the end of the year - post your photos to Instagram or Twitter before then to enter to win $500 worth of ThirdLove bras. And, remember to tag #unboxing and #MyThirdLove, and us @thirdlove so we can find all of your great photos.

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