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How to Save Time By Picking the Right Bra

Are you busy? Odds are, you’d probably always answer “yes” to that question.

Between morning coffee runs, afternoon meetings, and drinks or dinner after work, ‘Ugh, I’m So Busy’ has become the new normal. And, if you add in kids or family to that mix, you can pretty much forget extensive outfit changes as you rush from thing to thing.

That means you need one bra that can stick with you through it all, even as you’re ditching your work blouse for a tank and headed to drinks with friends. But which one is actually going to save you time in the mornings and work seamlessly under everything?

In the ThirdLove lineup, we look to our signature: the Classic T-shirt Bra.

Here’s why:

1. The memory foam cups stay hidden.

Even your tightest, thinnest white t-shirt has met their match in our T-shirt Bra. The memory foam cups in our classic bras react to your body heat by molding to your body, practically creating a second skin. Say goodbye to bra lines underneath your t-shirts forever!

2. Our Naked shades won’t show through even the thinnest of blouses.

Nothing is worse than wearing a blouse you love to work, but being able to see your bra underneath because it’s the wrong color. We made our T-shirt Bra in a range of Naked shades (with something for everyone) to finally solve this problem. The closer your bra color is to your skin tone, the better it seamlessly blends in and passes the “white blouse test”. No more awkward glances in meetings—like, “is that her bra, or am I seeing things?”

3. The pleated straps are worth showing off!

Let’s be real: most bra straps are blah, and not worth flaunting. That’s why we designed ours with beautifully designed pleated straps, that are meant to be shown off. Throwing on a tank top for date night? You won’t be bothered when our pleated straps peek out—in fact, you might even encourage it.

Shop the post: 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra.

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