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How to Measure Your Bra Size The ThirdLove Way

Getting measured for a bra is a historically unpleasant and awkward experience that typically goes something like this: you visit a chain retailer or department store, a salesperson measures you in a dressing room, and you walk away with a bra you’re not that excited about.

In 2013, I founded ThirdLove because I believed there had to be a better way. Technology was advancing in practically every area of our lives, yet women were still shopping for bras the same way their mothers and grandmothers were. So, ThirdLove was born with the goal of providing all women with the perfect fit from the comfort of home.

The question I get asked the most is how women can accurately measure bra size if ThirdLove doesn’t have brick and mortar stores. We have tips for those of you looking to do it from home without having that sometimes awkward in-store experience.

Here’s my advice for measuring yourself the ThirdLove way:

1. Use our Breast Shape Dictionary to identify the type of breasts you have.

We categorize breasts shapes into nine categories - Asymmetric, Athletic, Bell Shape, Relaxed, East West, Round, Side Set, Slender and Tear Drop. Identifying your breast shape provides helps us to recommend the best bra style for your unique shape.

2. Be honest about any fit issues you’re having.

Check out these common bra fit issues to get a real idea of what your current fit issues are. Are your straps slipping? Cups gaping? Identifying these common fit issues can help us determine which size bra you should actually be wearing - and whether you need to go up or down a size (or half-size).

3. Find your favorite cup type.

Everyone has a preference, so what’s yours? Typically, it depends based on your lifestyle. Some women prefer a wireless bra while others need more coverage. Some hunt for the perfect t-shirt bra while others feel better in a lace balconette bra. Check out all of the most common bra styles to find yours.

4. Try our Fit Finder™.

50 percent of women between A and E cups don’t fit into a standard cup, so we developed half-cups and our Fit Finder™ to help those “in betweeners” find their perfect fit. Just answer a few questions including, “What shape are your breasts?”, “Are you having any fit issues?”, “Which cup type is more your style?” and “What size is your favorite bra?” to discover your results. One in two women end up wearing a new size and falling into one of our half-cups when completing the Fit Finder™ quiz!

5. Get technical with our iOS app.

If you’d rather use an app to measure your bra size, take just two photos on the ThirdLove iOS app to determine your size - and style - from the comfort of your home. Take back the bra fitting process and try out our app today! If you still have questions about how to measure your bra size using ThirdLove’s Fit Finder™ and sizing technology, feel free to email me at - I’m always happy to help you find your perfect fit.