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Our 10 Favorite Health and Fitness Apps You Need Now

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you: you have the best of intentions to work out after work, only to head home and fall onto the couch, with no motivation or willpower. Or, how about this one: you feel frazzled and overwhelmed, and desperately need a mental break, but don’t know where to start or how to make the time.

Let’s be real—it can be (very) hard to fit in a workout or even a few minutes of uninterrupted silence in the 21st century. Instead of getting outside for a run or taking some quiet time, we can instead be found curled up on our couches, on our phones or watching reruns of reality TV. (You know it’s gone too far when we consider it a personal victory when we actually show up for that 7 PM yoga class.)

Instead of ridding technology from our lives forever, we’re choosing to lean into it and invest in a few apps that can help us on our journey to clearer minds and stronger bodies. Team ThirdLove has tested them all, from mental health apps that will help you meditate (and find some calm through your busy day) to guided workouts (that you can do in your own living room).

Here are the ten health and fitness apps you need now:

1. Bhuddify

“I do my most creative thinking when my mind is clear, so I love waking up and spending 10-12 minutes going through a mindfulness exercise on Bhuddify. I've even gotten my 3-year-old daughter to do it with me! My day is always more focused and grounded when I start it off with a focused meditation.” — Kate, Head of Brand

2. Aura

“I have a hard time sitting still long enough to meditate, and I’ve had such a difficult time finding a mindfulness app that works for me. But Aura is different—you tell the app your current mood, and it customizes a meditation for your current state. And, you can set reminders to mediate when you need it most—I have one set for 6:30 PM on weekdays, and do it on my way home from work—that way, when I step through the door at home, I’m leaving the work day behind and can head into my night with a clear, de-stressed mind.“ — Emily, Social Media

3. Headspace

“I think that most people have this misconception about meditation that it has to take forever or that it’s only for people who do yoga. I love that Headspace is aiming to derail that stigma—they equate mental health to physical health and pose this question: if you’re working out your muscles, why aren’t you working on your brain, too?” — Antonia, Paid Marketing

4. Calm

“I first learned about Calm a couple weeks ago from Lee (@leefromamerica) on Instagram and was hooked after completing the 7 Days of Calm. This app is perfect for beginners (me), but also has many other programs if you're more advanced. Calm is now a part of my everyday morning routine and I love exploring all the other programs they have to offer!” — Melissa, Paid Marketing

5. Natural Cycles

“I'm really careful about what I put into my body. Since having two babies, I've felt even more sensitive to hormonal shifts and changes. Using a birth control method that doesn't add any additional hormones into my body has made me feel better on a day to day basis. When it comes to my body, it feels great to understand the natural ebb and flow (pun intended) of my body's rhythm.” — Kate, Head of Brand

6. 8fit

“8fit is awesome because it customizes meal plans and keeps me on track. You set your goals (weight loss, etc.) and then get daily recommendations, including nutrition plans, tips, and guides. The recipes are so yummy and nutritious!” — Kirsten, Email Marketing

7. Strava

“I'm a big fan of Strava, which helps track your pace and route for running and cycling outdoors. It's also a community builder for people in the running/cycling community!” — Heidi, Co-Founder

8. Nike+ Training Club

“If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do after a long day at work is head to the gym or to a workout class—I just want to be at home, in my own environment. Nike+ Training Club is the only app that can actually get me to work out—it has 130+ free workouts that I can do from home, and they last anywhere from 15-45 minutes, so I can do whatever I have time for without leaving my living room.” — Emily, Social Media

9. Lumo Run

"I recently started using Lumo Run, which is a virtual running coach that helps folks track their movements and improve their form. It also provides exercises and tips for improving form once it knows more about your running habits, which really helps me!” — Gabi, Graphic Designer

10. Daily Burn

“Daily Burn is my favorite! It’s super cheap (~$25 per month), and I love how you can stream to your phone, TV or computer, which makes it really easy to do their workouts from anywhere. They also have a huge variety of workouts, and most are only 30 minutes. As a working mom, that helps me fit in workouts throughout my day so I never have an excuse to skip it.” — Heidi, Co-Founder

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