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Giving the Cold Shoulder

Off-the-shoulder styles are runaway runway fashion favorites—whether they have drapey shoulder straps, cleverly positioned cut-outs, single-sleeve designs or gathered peasant blouse stylings. Wearing the right underpinnings helps the pieces fall right, keeping necklines where you want them and ensuring that straps don't show… unless you want them to.

cold shoulder trend

Climate Change

For starters, keep on-trend even with winter’s falling temperatures by opting for lacey or openwork sweaters with cut-outs or necklines that gracefully slip off the shoulder. “This transitional look lets you keep warm in winter clothing while still letting some skin show,” says stylist Jenny Altman of ILoveaGood.com, an intimates website.


No, letting a strap (or two) slip is not the wardrobe malfunction it once was. “If you are asking for permission, then yes, it's now ok to show your straps,” Altman says. “But, if you do, make sure to pick straps that are meant to be seen. Bra straps are new ‘accessories’ that finish off a look. So if you plan to let your straps peek out, consider a detailed version or a beautiful, seasonal color, such as lavender or pale blue, that harmonizes with the jewel tones that are popular for fall.”

She recommends the pleated strap of the ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra. She also likes the Twilight Mauve color, “which is the perfect complement to any skin tone.” Cora Harrington, founder and editor-in-chief of The Lingerie Addict blog, agrees. “When it comes to shoulder cut-out styles, don't discount showing off those straps,” she says. “Lots of bras nowadays are made with exquisite strap details that are meant to be shown off.” She likes bras with lacey, pleated, or skinny slip-style straps.

The No-Show

“If showing straps just isn't your thing, consider a strapless bra,” says Harrington. ThirdLove has its handy Fit Finder® quiz to help you find your perfect size, and Harrington’s own secret for getting a great fit when your straps have a tendency to slip down is to go down a band size and up a cup size. “This is called sister sizing,” she says, “and it helps to make sure the band is tight enough to stay up on its own while also ensuring you still have enough room in the cups to accommodate the breast tissue.” She adds: “You also want to look for silicone or rubber ‘grips’ on the inside of the bra to help it stay up.” The ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra, for example, has silicon elastic at the cup edge and back to keep it firmly in place.

Another reason to love this style: It’s a sly way to look super sexy--while still staying warm.

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