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Sheer Genius

We saw (through) a lot of sheer clothing on the runways at recent Fashion Weeks—from diaphanous and flouncy skirts to lots and lots of lace. One standout was the style editor pick of a black filmy blouse (sent out by designers at Givenchy, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, and Chanel).

And let us not forget the Red Carpet—Beyoncé, Rihanna, and various Kardashians have taken illusion mesh to new heights of transparency. The first question you will ask is not “Will I wear this translucent trend?” Instead, it is “When I wear it, do I want my bra to be today’s show-and-tell?”

How to wear the trend: black on black

Image via Gurl.

“I often dislike giving fashion rules because I truly believe everybody should wear whatever they want, but I love a black bra under a sheer black top,” says Cora Harrington, founder and editor in chief of The Lingerie Addict blog. “To me, that's such a sleek, chic, and timeless look.”

Go ahead, rock a sheer top at work

Image via The August Diaries.

“I prefer to always go tone-on-tone—black lace top with a black bra, or a skin-tone sheer top with a nude bra,” says New York-based fashion stylist KC Jones, who has worked with international editions of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. “It elevates this 'sexy' look, so it can be appropriate for work, as well as a fancy evening out.”

Image via Fake Leather.

Don’t be afraid of color!

To really turn this trend up to 11, look to the rainbow. “For a more casual version of sheer,” says Jones, “I love to add a pop of color; I enjoy bras in pink and purple.”

And sheer isn’t just for warm climes. “This is a very big trend for winter, and you can make it work in lots of ways,” says Jones. Harrington suggests looking for delicate long-sleeved blouses and open weave sweaters to showcase the look. A longline bra, which has a longer band and resembles a crop top or bustier, is a great way to ease into this trend if wearing ‘just’ a bra feels too intimidating.”

Image via Daily Mail.

However you rock your sheer, confidence is paramount. “I think the key here is deliberateness,” Harrington says. “Whatever look you put together should be intentional. A black bra can look just as beautiful under a lacy white top. A light blue bra is perfect under a sand or taupe top, and a navy bra is gorgeous when layered under a black shirt. And bright red under almost anything is sheer perfection!”

Still afraid to bare it all? Start slow!

To start slow with the sheer trend, we suggest pairing bras like our 24/7™ Strappy T-shirt Bra with simple sheer tops or those with low armholes to let just a little bit peek through.

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