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Comfortable Bras for Your Breast Shape

Did you know? Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes, and certain types of bras actually work best with different breast shapes.

The first step in finding the right bra for you is to identify your breast shape.

comfortable bras breast shape

Common Breast Shapes

In our Fit Finder® quiz, we collect a lot of data, including what breast shapes women identify with most. We break breast shapes down into nine different types - asymmetric, athletic, bell shape, relaxed, east west, round, side set, slender and tear drop. Overall, we see that three shapes are the most common: bell shape, relaxed and east west.

The Most Comfortable Bras for Women with Bell Shaped Breasts

Typically, women with bell-shaped breasts are more likely to be slim at the top and full on the bottom, causing their breasts to fall into a bell shape:

bra fit guide

If you have bell-shaped breasts, the most comfortable bras for you are going to be those that provide the most support and lift, like a perfect coverage option. Because your breasts are slim on top and fuller towards the bottom, a perfect coverage bra will provide the lift you need. Bonus points if you can find one with padded straps, like our 24/7 Perfect Coverage Bra: the extra padding will take some strain off of your shoulders and provide added comfort.

The Most Comfortable Bras for Women with Relaxed Breasts

Alternatively, women with relaxed breasts have lax tissue, and their nipples point downward, like this:

bra fit guide

If your breasts are relaxed or slender, the most comfortable bras for you are going to be push-up bras. Because your breasts point downward, a push-up bra will provide the added lift and bit of padding that you need. Plus, since most women with relaxed breasts tend to fall in a smaller cup size, the push-up option won’t provide an inappropriate amount of cleavage, allowing you to wear it from day to night with ease.

The Most Comfortable Bras for Women with Tear Drop Breasts

Similar to bell-shaped breasts, tear drop shaped breasts are round, but slightly less full on top and hang in a tear drop shape:

bra fit guide

Women with tear drop shaped breasts really lucked out in my opinion, as they can wear virtually any bra and be comfortable. However, if I had to pick the most comfortable bra for tear drop shaped breasts, I would pick a t-shirt bra every time. Our 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra was designed to seamlessly hug your curves, which is a great option for tear drop breasts.

Breast Shape Dictionary

None of these breast shapes sound like you? We have developed a full Breast Shape Dictionary with nine breasts shapes - and comfortable bra suggestions for each shape.

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