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Build A Better Morning Routine

Here at ThirdLove, we’re firm believers in mindful morning routines – they set the tone for the rest of the day, and get us focused and excited for what’s ahead. Creating a morning routine and setting out to complete a few tasks before your day starts will leave you energized and feeling accomplished before your day has even begun.

Here are 4 tips to a great morning routine, according to yoga teacher and wellness blogger, Om & The City:

Drink a glass of lemon water.

Get your metabolism going and detoxify with a squeeze of lemon. Drinking lemon water in the morning helps with digestion and skin clarity, while boosting your immune system with Vitamin C. Om & The City’s tip: Make sure to drink it at room temperature versus ice cold – it’s much easier on the body first thing in the morning.

Get out for a short 10-minute walk.

Start each day with a walk outside to clear your mind for the day ahead. Taking a morning walk helps grow stamina, increase blood circulation, and prevents stress and fatigue. Om & The City’s tip: Leave your phone at home (but don’t forget a comfy bra!).

Meditate for a few minutes.

It can be hard to make time, but even meditating for 5 minutes is better than nothing at all. Meditating in the morning increases happiness, boosts your energy levels, and helps to counteract stress. Om & The City’s tip: Baby steps! Try to squeeze in meditation once or twice a day.

Write your to-do list.

The original form of time management! A good to-do list can make you really productive and get you closer to achieving your goals for the day. Om & The City’s tip: Stop multi-tasking and aim to accomplish each task one by one.

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