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Behind the Design: Seamless Stripe Full Coverage

Step into the ThirdLove office and you can’t miss it: the designers’ table. Expansive and full of energy, it’s where our design team collaborates, turning inspiration into ideas, and ideas into bras. A visual playground of color swatches, images, samples, and sketches of all kinds adorns the surrounding area, making it one of the most vibrant spots in the entire office.

And it’s where our Seamless Stripe Full Coverage Bra began.

If you’ve ever looked for a full coverage bra, you’ve probably realized that your options are limited. “Women are so often asked to choose between beautiful and practical,” says Ra’el Cohen, ThirdLove’s Head of Design, “and really, there’s just no reason to settle.”

So we put our minds to creating a full coverage bra that would expand what’s out there, something that would feel sexy and fun without sacrificing comfort.

The first step? Inspiration! We turned to a bevy of sources to spark ideas—from fabric innovations to travel wishlists to the runways in Paris and New York—and a timeless classic kept calling us. The stripe. Reminiscent of the ever-chic Coco Chanel, who popularized the look of a striped top as casual womenswear in 1917, stripes strike the balance between playful and polished.

With our stripe concept in hand, we developed a double layer seamless band for a smoothing effect, plus a semi-sheer fabric to provide a little intrigue. The front gore (the part between the cups) is also made of our striped fabric, creating all-around allure.

And the much-loved features of our other full coverage bras are designed into our Seamless Stripe Bra, too: supple memory foam cups, ultra comfortable straps that never dig in, and our tagless padded back closure, to name a few. It’s a true trifecta, winning on style, fit and feel.

We’re thrilled about this new bra. But before we get carried away in the excitement of expanding our full coverage lineup, we want to take a moment to thank you, our community, for your feedback and inspiration. Please continue to send us your thoughts! It’s what keeps us coming back to the designers’ table, and why we never settle for anything but perfect.

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