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Ask A Fit Specialist: I Have Asymmetric Breasts. How Can I Get A More Balanced Look?

Our team of Fit Specialists is here to help you find bras that feel like they were made for you. We’ve worked with thousands of women find their perfect fit, so we’re sharing some of our best advice here.

First of all, you’re in good company. Although 40% of women who take our Fit Finder® quiz classify themselves as having asymmetric breasts, the numbers are actually much higher. Since no one is perfectly symmetrical, essentially 100% of women have asymmetry to some degree.

ThirdLove Classic Twilight Plunge

Love your asymmetry? So do we. Want a more evened-out silhouette? We can help with that, too. Our 24/7™ Classic Plunge Bra is a stellar option for breasts of all shapes and sizes.

The Classic Plunge’s secret to working with asymmetry is removable inserts. Wearing both inserts gives you lift when you want it, like an on-demand push-up bra. However, you can also wear one or both on just one side, giving your smaller breast a boost. The bra’s beautiful mesh overlay provides support while the deep neckline looks smashing on everyone.

Asymmetry or not, give the Classic Plunge a try. It’s a superstar bra that will quickly make its way into your daily rotation.

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