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My Lingerie Drawer: New York Magazine’s Lindsay Peoples

Photo via The Cut

Name: Lindsay Peoples
Occupation: Associate Market Editor at New York Magazine and The Cut

Age: 24

Bra Size: 34D

In recent months, fashion editor Lindsay Peoples has been filling the pages of New York Magazine’s The Cut with thoughtful, authoritative writing on everything from Fashion's fastest-growing Instagrams to the dearth of inventory from black fashion designers in our retail outlets. One of The Cut’s newest staffers, Lindsay had her sights set on fashion journalism early on: After growing up in Wisconsin, she interned in the industry during college and landed at Teen Vogue immediately after graduation. From there, she moved on to and this year came on board as the market editor at New York Magazine.

Lindsay’s line of work can be a peculiar one: On a daily basis, she has to both see and be seen. It’s a balancing act requiring a lingerie drawer that’s as practical as it is aesthetically driven, and as a result Lindsay has developed a number of go-to undergarments that can work long hours in the support department while simultaneously giving her a boost of sartorial confidence.

Keep on reading for Lindsay Peoples’ approach to the t-shirt bra, backless tops and more, in her own words…


A typical work day for me usually starts out running to appointments to see new collections or having breakfast with a designer and hearing about their new initiatives. Then I go to the office, and sit at my desk for a while, occasionally getting up to talk to my bosses about ideas and stories I’m working on.

Getting ready in the morning, I reach for my panties first because that is crucial to what I’m wearing on the bottom—If I’m wearing silk or lighter pants, I choose a lacy panty instead of the normal cotton panty if I’m just wearing jeans or a loose skirt. Then I choose whatever bra I need based on the color of the top so that you can’t see through it.


My favorite style of bra is a t-shirt bra that is seamless and provides full coverage. The few that I do have like this work for me most days without fail, and keep my girls in without too much spillage on top or the sides. I have bigger boobs but I don’t like bras with the massive padding and bows, which is what is usually available at Victoria’s Secret. I’ve found brands that have a good size range, and don’t charge extra for bigger sizing.

I always look for something practical. I like to have a bra that looks nice when I look in the mirror, but also fits and complements my figure—and nothing too over the top. I think over time, I’ve just started to care more about feeling good in my skin, finding brands that encourage that, and staying away from ones that make me feel bad about myself.

If I’m going out at night and wearing a different outfit, like a deep-v bodysuit or tighter dress, I usually take my bra off and use silicone petals. I really like silicone petals even though they are expensive. On the weekends I’m either wearing one of the standard t-shirt bras or not wearing a bra at all. I like to go braless anytime I see fit. And I don’t like to sleep in bras—I have friends who religiously do so because they believe that it keeps your boobs lifted and from drooping over time, but I’d rather be comfortable.

Backless top Black bra

Photo via Damsel in Dior

I’m a fan of wearing bras with backless tops, probably because Sarah Jessica Parker did it all the time on Sex and the City. But for whatever reason I only wear those types of things on the weekends.

Lingerie Care

I don’t organize my lingerie—everything is everywhere in that drawer. When it’s laundry time, I throw it in with everything else I’m washing. I hang-dry my bras, but throw my panties in the dryer with other clothes.