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Welcome To Our New Blog: Unhooked!

We’re so pleased to announce the relaunch of ThirdLove’s blog, Unhooked, where we’ve been busy cooking up a ton of content on everything lingerie.

The posts here are meant to inform, to entertain, and to discuss all the things about our bras and underwear that all too often go unmentioned. With this platform, we aim to further the conversation about undergarments, and to dive deep into the three pillars of ThirdLove’s products: style, feel and fit.

Welcome! Here are some highlights from our first batch of posts:


We immersed ourselves in New York’s fall fashion week to unearth the bra and underwear trends you can expect to see when the spring collections hit the stores. Hint: black bras are still peeking out, white bras are joining the party, and sleepwear is making a foray into the daytime hours.


Both Hollywood and lingerie came into their own during the 20th century, and there’s no better place to see some of the century’s most iconic bras than in some of its most iconic films. We’ve got Mrs. Robinson (The Graduate), we’ve got Baby (Dirty Dancing), we’ve got Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction), and lots more.


The Cut’s Lindsay Peoples kicks off our newest feature, My Lingerie Drawer, in which tastemakers and women from all amazing walks of life tell us about their lingerie routines, including their favorite types of bra, how they match undergarments to outfits, and how they care for their favorite pieces.

There will be more where these came from on the regular, so come back often!

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