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6 Tips: The Busy Girl’s Guide to Wellness

You’re busy. We understand.

When someone asks how you are, sometimes you might respond, ’Good! Busy…’

We live in a busy world, period. Our lives are full, our calendars are jam-packed, our to-do lists are long. We run from one thing to the next, and it can be hard to fit it all in. Often times, our healthy routines—the things that are actually good for us—can fall to the bottom of our priority list.

[Side note: one of the reasons we’re obsessed with making comfortable, perfect-fitting bras is so that you can live this full life of yours without having to worry about your bra. You can just do you.]

We believe making you a priority is important for your overall well-being. We also believe that a little goes a long way. Creating a healthy routine doesn’t mean you have to set aside hours of your day or add more things to your plate. Living a life of wellness doesn’t need to feel like a chore.

Here are six easy tips for you to incorporate into your daily routine, not in addition to it:

1. Stay hydrated.

This one’s a given, but it’s important. Get a fun water bottle like a Swell or a bkr and continuously refill it throughout the day (aka take it everywhere you go). Bonus points if you add things like fresh mint or ginger or lemon. They all have natural antioxidants that keep your energy up and your immune system strong.

2. Listen up.

Long commute? This is the perfect time to listen to something motivating, inspiring, and educational. Enter podcasts! Use the time you have to learn something you’ve been craving to know about. Some of our favorite wellness podcasts are: Let It Out, That’s So Retrograde, and The Model Health Show.

3. Get natural energy.

Energy is everything, and sometimes things can feel a little stale. Hello, 3 pm slump. That’s why we love having a little sage and Palo Santo on hand. Palo what!? Both of these earthy treasures are designed to energetically cleanse, restore, and replenish your space. Think of it as a new and improved way to burn a candle.

4. Stand up.

If you’re working at a desk all day, it can be easy to stay glued to your chair. Take standing breaks every hour, and rather than having a sitting meeting, grab a co-worker and have a walking one instead. You’ll be closer to your 10K step goal and the fresh air will feel good. Might as well bring your extra pair of running shoes to the office and store under your desk.

5. Follow the 5-minute rule.

Whether it’s the morning or the evening, we believe in at least 5 mins a day of peace and quiet. Time to reflect, connect in, or meditate. If you’re feeling like you can’t sneak it in, try doing it as part of your morning or evening commute. Carry a small journal with you, and before you get to the office or walk in the door, take 5 mins to jot down what you are grateful for. Studies show that grateful people are more likely to take care of their health, exercise more often, and sleep better. Yes, please!

6. Remember: B is for breakfast.

When it comes to nutrition, breakfast is where it starts. If there’s one meal that deserves the most love, it’s this one. Studies show that those who skip breakfast tend to make up for it later. To avoid those ‘hangry’ moments when it’s easy to reach for sugar, we’re big fans of morning smoothies with protein and greens. Check out the Fab Four Smoothie by Celebrity Nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque. As a time saver, make it the night before or spend 30 mins on Sunday freezing the ingredients in a baggie so they are ready to go.

Cheers to living a life of wellness on your terms!

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