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5 Tips to Build a Better Nighttime Routine

Ahhhhh… that feeling at the end of the day when your head hits the pillow and you’re about to doze off into a sweet slumber…

There’s nothing like it.

But, falling asleep isn’t always the easiest, especially if you are stressed and your mind is racing with that lingering to-do list. Here are some easy-to-implement tips to creating a nighttime routine that leads to a restful night sleep.

1. Get Cozy

First things first: get comfortable. We like to slip into something more comfortable at the end of the day. Enter: ThirdLove Lounge. Our new Seamless Lounge Bra just might be the most comfortable thing we’ve ever worn. Leggings too? Yes, please.

2. Digestion 101

Avoid eating dinner right before bed. It’s best to give your body around 3 hours to fully digest your food before diving under the covers. On the flip side, if you wait too long, we’re always a fan of a light high-protein midnight snack like a banana and almond butter.

3. Soothing Scents

Breathe it in: Lavender. Research has confirmed that lavender produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects when the scent is inhaled. We love spraying a few spritzes of it on our pillow before getting in bed. Our favorite brand? L’Occitaine.

4. Lights Out

Cut the blue light aka the light emitting from your phone, laptop, or TV. Studies show that exposing yourself to it before bed can be highly disruptive to your brain and therefore your REM sleep cycle. We like to follow the rule of shutting it off at least one hour before bedtime.

5. Write It Down

Put pen to paper. There’s nothing better than getting your thoughts out before you hit the pillow. Have you ever felt yourself restlessly tossing and turning while your mind races over an issue or items on your to-do list? Three words: Write it down.

Daylight savings is upon us, which means it’ll be darker earlier (but cheers to an extra hour of sleep in the morning!) and give you plenty of time to implement these easy nighttime routine tips.

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