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5 Things Inspiring Our Design Team Right Now

With new brands popping up each day, it can be hard to narrow your focus to just a few favorites. When we’re overwhelmed with the options, we look to our trusty Design Team to provide us with the answers.

The question: what are you loving right now—and why?

Here’s what they had to say:

Ra’el Cohen, ThirdLove’s VP of Design & Creative

1. San Francisco brands making a name for themselves.

“I've been really inspired by other brands who's humble beginnings started in San Francisco. Although we may not be thought of as the fashion mecca of the world, I appreciate brands who are going against the grain like Cuyana and Everlane. Their modern, minimal, sustainable approach to fashion speaks to multiple generations and pushes us all to invest in quality over quantity, which is quite opposite of other brands.”

2. Bras on the runway!

“It's always exciting when bras make their way on the runway as part of Ready to Wear collections. I love that Adam Selman, Mayam Nassir, and Helmut Lang showed bras in their collections for Spring 2018 at NYFW. Trends like this always give lingerie brands like ours more visibility and show women how to wear their bras as part of the outfit, not just as the unseen underlayer.”

3. Alternative sized models.

“There's always been a lot of buzz about alternate sized models breaking through in fashion but this year feels different somehow. Fashion really is putting their money where their mouth is and featuring models of different sizes. I'm talking about high fashion brands taking a stance, not just commercial brands. Check out these top plus-sized models that walked at NYFW. Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence, and even up-and-comers like Georgia Pratt and Jocelyn Corona.”

Clare Karunawardhane, Director of Design

4. Classic, elegant lingerie.

Carine Gilson has been a huge inspiration for me, design-wise. I feel like her lingerie is the epitome of European elegance. She designs handcrafted silks and hand trimmed laces, with simple sleek lines—and her products are timeless.”

5. Modern femininity.

“In more recent years, Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko has brought modern femininity to the runway. Reminiscent of Christian Dior's 'new look' back in the 50's, her designs have an almost fairytale-like quality. Her silhouettes work and flatter the female form, and she uses a creative range of colors—from muted nudes to ruby red and royal blue. They are my seasonal go-to for color inspiration. Plus, I love the mix of outer and inner wear (as her designs often feature touches of lingerie)!”

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