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5 Quick Ways To Brighten Your Space For The New Year

Ah, January. A fresh slate, a new start⏤it’s everything we love about a new year, and a great time to breathe some life back into your space. When all the glitz and glitter of holiday decorations come down, why not give your home a New Year’s makeover?

To help you feel inspired, here are 5 quick ways to brighten your home and reenergize your space to bring a great start to 2018:

1. Add plants

Nothing adds life to a living space quite like plants! From large ferns to tiny bonsai plants, adding a bit of natural life to your room will make it feel bright and alive. If you don’t have a green thumb, try succulents or cactuses for a pop of color and the easiest care.

2. Install a mirror

Mirrors not only add a new decor element to your living space, but they make the room look larger and feel more spacious. Because of their reflective surfaces, they bounce light around the room and bring light into dark corners.

3. Hang a piece of artwork

If your walls are feeling a little bare, it might be time to add something new and fresh to them. From timeless and classic to modern and everything in between, an art piece will add a splash of color and sophistication to your space.

4. De-clutter

Clutter and mess are jarring on the eye, so make a point to be ruthless with your living space this year. De-clutter by storing shoes, coats, and nick-nacks⏤and make sure to have easy storing solutions on hand. Don’t forget to clean out your closet and bra drawer, too!

5. Try fairy lights

If you have a pantry or bookshelf that’s looking a little boring, quickly bring a little light to the situation by hanging fairy lights behind the shelves to fill the dark, empty spaces.

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