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4 Tips for Holiday Travel in Style

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (seriously, where did November go?!), we’re taking a moment to get organized for all of our upcoming trips. Does anyone else have the airport scene from Home Alone playing on repeat in their head?

Instead of panicking and melting down Kevin McCallister style, rely on these four tips when you’re packing to ensure you arrive in style:

1. Plan ahead.

No, seriously—you need to start taking the time to plan your trip ahead of time, and not wait until the last minute to pack or make travel arrangements. We know it’s can be tempting to procrastinate, but if you can spare even an hour before your trip to get organized, do it. Make a packing list, do your laundry, and book that rental car if you need it. The night before your trip, you’ll feel so much better knowing you’re as organized as you possibly can be.

2. Pack only what you need.

Again, easier said than done—but instead of throwing all of your belongings into a giant carry-on and heading on your merry way, consider making a packing list, or—gasp!—even planning out your outfits, day by day. Having only what you need (and nothing more) ensures you don’t pay overage fees for an overstuffed bag, and you’ll feel more relaxed once you arrive at your destination and know what you’re wearing, when.

3. Learn how to pack your bras!

We’re all guilty of just tossing our bras into our bag last minute, without thinking much about how they’re going to get crushed and potentially ruined in-flight. But learning how to pack your bras, and following tips like nesting your bras inside each other to protect the cups and never—never!—folding them in half will ensure you arrive at your destination with your lingerie in tact.

4. Ask more of your loungewear.

Instead of packing pajamas and casual weekend sweats, buy a set that can do both! Save room in your suitcase and travel in style in our Organic Cotton Jogger Set, the ultimate grab-and-go lounge set. Pair it with some stylish sneakers and a denim jacket for the plane, or with slippers and silk eye mask for a night in. Either way, you’ll be cozy, comfortable, and warm.

Are you headed anywhere fun for the holidays? If you’re bringing ThirdLove with you, be sure to tag us @thirdlove and use the hashtag #ThirdLoveTravels so we can come along on your adventures.

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