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4 Reasons To Try ThirdLove Before 2018

[Don’t do it. Don’t wear a bad bra for another year.]

It’s December, and somehow 2017 came and went faster than a plate of fresh cookies in the office snack room. If you spent most of the year in a bra that doesn’t fit, we need to talk asap. Before you start making resolutions for 2018, check one thing off your 2017 to-do list: Try a ThirdLove bra.

If feeling a thousand times more comfortable isn’t reason enough to convince you, our Try Before You Buy program makes it insanely easy. Here are four reasons to go for it, and start 2018 off right:

  1. Finding your fit is actually fun: Our Fit Finder quiz helps you identify your breast shape and fit issues in order to find the right bra for you. In under 3 minutes, you’ll find a great-fitting bra and learn bra fit tips you can wow your friends with.
  2. You only pay $2.99 for shipping: Honestly, you’d spend more than that just trying the new Toasted White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks. Why not try something that will make you feel great every day?
  3. You have 30 days to decide: A minute or two in a dressing room is never enough to find out if a bra fits. Wear your ThirdLove bra for 30 days with the tags off, like it’s really yours, to make sure it’s a great fit. If you don’t love it, no problem, just send it back.
  4. Your time is yours again: Ditch the fiasco of getting to the store, navigating the dressing room, and waiting in line. Instead of taking care of errands, you can take care of you. Have a nice dinner, spend time with your bestie, or cozy up with something that makes you happy (like, say, those cookies from the snack room).

So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend another year in a crummy bra. Give ThirdLove a try.

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