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Diego Pamio

Diego was born in Río Cuarto (second biggest city in Córdoba province), but has been living in Córdoba since he started his degree in Information Systems Engineering back in 1996. Since his graduation he has played almost any conceivable role in software development (Dev., QA, TL, PM, PO, Scrum Master, Configuration Manager, Process Engineer, Team Lead, Consultant, Tools Admin, etc.) in both small (Cordoba Software) and big (Motorola, Intel, Globant) companies. Diego likes teams where laugh is commonplace, and to use creativity to accomplish what seems to be impossible at first. He also likes English words that have multiple double letters, like “successfully”. Former amateur magician, tango dancer and fencer, now devotes his free time to work on his HO scale Train Model layout with his 5 year old son (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE4e28nso6k) and building the UI for the digital controller (https://youtu.be/PqBVJzGk5dU). He also loves Disney Parks and to travel around the world.
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